luvdaily – affirmation automation.

what is luvdaily?

luvdaily is the one supplement you can’t get from a bottle or pill – vitamin L, if you will.

we provide a steady flow of vitamin L directly to you – on a daily basis.

need a little more optimism? a little more focus?

need something to combat the negativity of the comments section on that article you just read?

try luvdaily. 

how do we do it?

each day our team sends a love letter straight to you – which you can share, respond to, or keep for a rainy day.

think of it as your automated daily affirmation.

a reminder that you are loved, unique, and add value to the world.

who couldn’t use more of that?

why a daily love letter?

love is at the core of everything that matters – improvement, success, health, happiness, genuine human connection; our daily love letters reinforce self care by adding a steady stream of positivity to your daily routine.

daily love notes

a daily dose of humor, sincerity, and (most of all) love.

hypothetical reviews from people with names similar to celebrities 

read how these people with homonymic names of celebrities (could) feel about our love letters (if they were to actually sign up for them, that is…) 

Thanks to luvdaily, I can finally admit to friends and family that, yes, I have seen The Notebook. luvdaily is my Noah, Jr. 


Ryan Gossling

Oprah Book of the Month Club Member

Please stop emailing me.




I am not sure how these people got my email address, but boy am I glad they did! Their daily love letters remind me that I am capable of wielding more than mythical hammers of Nordic Lore – I WIELD THE HAMMER OF DIVINE ACCEPTANCE!


Chris Harmsworth

Thar Gawd of Thundar

The attention to detail and uplifting messages these love letters contain, empower me to stop comparing my achievements to that of others; and love me for who I am: every day. 


Chris Hemsworth’s Younger Brother

Not Liam

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get a love letter every day

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