the mission

luvdaily mission - daily love letters

why we need luvdaily

by design, human beings are drawn to drama and negativity – it’s genetic.

with the advent of the internet, youtube comments sections, click-bait articles, and the accessibility our phones provide…

the need for positivity, support, and self-love are more important than ever.

luvdaily is not only our name – it is our mission.

at the risk of sounding a bit hyperbolic – love is really the central driver of progress. (okay, I guess that didn’t sound too hyperbolic)

love helps us achieve success, build families, ease anxieties, and even helps us sleep better.

more than a daily email

our service empowers people to love themselves by sending a daily reminder directly to their inbox.

whether you are having a rough day, working hard to achieve a goal, feeling lonely…

luvdaily reinforces self-love as an easily digestible, minimally-invasive vessel sent directly from you.

who is luvdaily for?

we like to think that everyone could use a little more luvdaily.

however, we do have a formula for how to get the best results. ideal candidates should possess the following:

  • An understanding of their self worth. 
  • A series of goals they would like to achieve. 
  • A strong support system.
  • An attitude and outlook that defies cynicism. (watch this commencement speech by Stephen Colbert to see why cynicism is problematic)

so, how does luvdaily work?

simply provide us with your first name (or whatever people call you) and email.

we take care of the rest.

how to share luvdaily

luvdaily was made for sharing.

know someone who could use a little luvdaily? just hit —> FW:

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what are you waiting for?

you deserve it. 

get a love letter directly to your inbox - every day.

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