daily love note: no.17

Happy New Year! From luvdaily.

As we ring in the new year, I thought it would be nice to include some resolutions I have made in the past.

Hopefully, this list will inspire you and motivate you to make your own list of resolutions.

A list of Resolutions from 2014

1. Laugh at more stuff.

1a. Haha!

1b. Lol

2. Good job.

3. Find a wall I don’t like – to shake fist at.

3a. If ever go to wall, and is knocked down, or gone; training…complete.

3b. Find more things I don’t like. (see #3)

4. Begin fundraising for Parrot vs. Flying food research/sit-com idea. (Nobel prize?)

4a. Get parrot named “Carl.”

4b. Teach Carl to talk, so can become friends/play practical jokes on each other.

4b1/2. Make sure not to talk politics/bird cage hygiene with Carl, as he takes things too personally sometimes.

4c. Get Gorilla. Name him “Chim-Chams.”

4d. Teach Chim-Chams sign language, so can signal when to throw pieces of food at Carl, without Carl knowing what’s coming. Unexpectedly, knocking him unconscious. (See #4b)

4e. Make sure not to kill/severely injure Carl in early tests (practical jokes)…only, hilariously, knock unconscious.

5. Invent “Cobarflanket.” (The Coat Scarf Blanket) Will essentially be longer coat, with scarf attachment, that is only worn indoors, and comes in “stylish” (fuchsia) camo, or tropical fish design.

5a. Market “Cobarflanket” specifically to uncles named “Gayle,” and shaved cats that appreciate irony.

6. Begin filming documentary on hazards of choking, titled: “I’m not Sorry I Threw That In Your Mouth…While You Were Sleeping in That Chair.”

6a. (Second Nobel Prize?)

7. Begin my craft cocktail idea pitch to Outback Steakhouse, for their 2014 drink menu. Potential cocktail names: “The Didgeri-‘Zach’adoo Shortini,” “The Jumbo I’m Such a Samantha-Rita From Down Under,” and the “Wallaby Failing a Sobriety Test After Drinking This-osmopolitan.”

8. Get really good at sword fighting.

8a. Make sure to get invited to lots of pirate themed parties.

8b. Throw, exclusively, pirate themed parties. Make sure to include part about “sword fighting contest.”

9. Watch the “magic” happen.

10. Figure out when to watch for magic “happening,” and make sure to know difference between what I call “magic,”and what others call “magic” (hitting me in the eyes/crotch with things).

10a. Don’t cry after “magic” happens…

11. Get a new eye patch. (see #8 or #10)

12. Keep doing handsome things, that make people stare at me.

13. Finish interactive Cap’n Crunch art project. (see #8b)

14. ROFL (#1) (check)

15. Catch up on all the Spanish soap operas I like to translate/reenact for house guests. (see #8, again)

16. Work on my screenplay for new “Latin Disney” meets Sex in The City movie, titled: “¡SABADO!¡CINCO, CINCO, CINCO!” It’s about a cat named “Latimer,” whose best friend is a talking hammer named “Clancy.” Together, they overcome their fear of the ocean…so they can dance with fish, in order for this one girl to not get her hair caught in doors, or something. And everyone is drunk, I think.

17. Pretend to be French, sometimes.

18. Pat self on back for stuff “self” accomplished this year.

19. Disregard #18. Get Swedish massage for stuff self accomplished this year! You earned it! And big margarita! (see #7)

20. Probably do some other stuff.

21. Utter the phrase, “Nailed it!” after I do, virtually, anything, to boost confidence even higher than last year.

22. Definitely do the pirate thing.

23. Have a great year, buddy.

24. Nailed it!

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Tell us in the comments. Or, if you’re looking for ideas, try this list: totally achievable New Year’s resolutions.

Happy New Year!

daily love note: no.15

Dear Breath,

Thanks for always being there – even when I don’t notice you…which, admittedly, is a lot of the time.

Thanks for all you do to regulate my heartbeat for things like pregnancy scares and reality t.v. shows…and regular reality.

Thanks for making funny sounds when I snore from drinking too much wine some nights.

(no thanks to the annoying sounds you make when others do it, though)

Thanks for always teaming up with my diaphragm and epiglottis (hiccups) when I eat bread too quickly. Why it is always bread…? Life’s greatest mystery, I call it.  

Thanks for teaching me how to laugh at myself and how to ride a bike without suffocating.

(and being the recovery method for suffocating)

Thanks for supporting me through college, or any time I decide it is a good idea to take the stairs.

All this is to say: you do a lot. I hope I’ll have your support for many years to come.


-A living person

daily love note: no.11

The day after Christmas – a haiku:

Wrapping paper floors;

Deconstructed box dances;

Christmas trees – half off!

Whether you are spoiling yourself with the post-holiday sales – or running damage control on your living room: stay merry.

daily love note: no.7

The Ballad of the Second Shortest Day of the Year

The second shortest day of the year (SSDOTY) had spent its entire life attempting to best the benchmarks of the day before it – the shortest day of the year (SDOTY).

A few years ago SSDOTY trailed SDOTY by just a handful of seconds.

A valiant effort it thought – keep training for next year.

SSDOTY tried all kinds of different things to outpace the SDOTY:

  • It tried being a Monday.
  • It tried being a Tuesday.
  • It tried being a Wednesday.
  • It never liked being a Thursday (comparison issues with being a Friday – everyone’s favorite day)
  • It tried being a Friday.
  • It tried being a casual Friday.
  • It tried being a Saturday.
  • It tried being a Sunday.

Each year – the results were the same.

Then the SSDOTY had a thought, “If I can’t be the shortest day of the year…maybe I can be something else. Maybe I already am.

And sure enough – it was:

One year, it was the coldest day on record in Clam Falls, MN.

And another year, it was the warmest day on record in Cancun, Mexico.

Both notable somethings to be.   

It was a birthday…for literally millions of people – that was certainly something.

It always outpaced the third shortest day of the year – a day almost no one thought about.

And the SSDOTY consistently beat the longest day of the year’s record for finishing a day – by a long shot.

Also a notable somethings!

Yes, SSDOTY was something, for sure.

And that was really all it needed – to be.

daily love note: no.6

The morning routine of a successful armed robber:

Wake up.

Try to remember that weird dream you had where a genie finally granted your wish to have more wishes.

(Write it down in your dream journal – quick!)

Do robber exercises – knee-highs and light yoga.

Pick an outfit: all black, horizontal stripes; hat/no hat. Gloves? Be mindful of the season.

Check the weather.

(Gloves weather)

Brush teeth with organic flouride-free toothpaste you stole from that fancy grocery store.

Then brush with regular toothpaste…because: let’s be real, that organic stuff never leaves you feeling all that clean.

Do your daily affirmations:

May I have all the money in the bag – large bills only.

I will have all your money.

May someone else’s stuff eventually become my stuff.

May people value their lives more than their things.

May every new day be full (of stuff I can steal).

Do 10 mins of “stick-em-ups” in the mirror (using your finger; not actual gun).

Smile at yourself; because, “Hey, look at you go! Remember when you thought you would never be a morning person?!

Reviews of Arbitrary Unconventional Self Care Products – Rocks

what is self care and why should I (self) care?

At your last power Yoga class, you overheard someone utter “self care” while mopping up the remnants of their yoga mat. You nodded your head in agreement…smiling through the silent shame of not knowing what the heck they were talking about.

In a nutshell, self care is a term thrown around frequently with a flair of ambiguity and vagueness.

It’s sexy; defying definition, but also definitively sounding like something that will be expensive to actually do.

Here at luvdaily we’re attempting to demystify self care and translate it into something more approachable (re: inexpensive or less French-sounding). 

So, ditch the shame-smile while we take you on a transformative self care journey with: rocks. What is more definitive than rocks?

the hows, whats, and whys of self care with rocks.

what are rocks?

We get asked this question all the time: what even are rocks?!

Rocks, as it turns out, are hard bits of minerals that have been compacted together over time – forming various layers of our Earth’s surface.

Pretty neat, huh?

Rocks, as it turns out, are hard bits of minerals that have been compacted together over time – forming various layers of our Earth’s surface. #rocks #neat #science #wewillwewillrockselfcare Click To Tweet

why are rocks important?

On a more existential level, rocks represent the building blocks of our life journey. They comprise our roads, nature trails, and tiny Zen sand gardens kept at our desks to look more enlightened!

Rocks, as noted earlier, are also minerals. Minerals are essential to our physical health. So, the more rocks = better.

how to use rocks for self care?

There are several ways to use rocks for self care – they can alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, heal your gut (still not clear how…), and ward off anxiety.

Like most things, though, recreational rock use is best deployed when you have carefully defined goals.

Got your goals defined? Great!

ways to self care with rocks

1. For Alleviating Physical Pain – Rocks are basically Mother Nature’s foam roller (if your foam roller was made of rocks, that is). 

Rocks are basically Mother Nature’s foam roller (if your foam roller was made of rocks, that is). #facts Click To Tweet

Suffering from back pain? Find a bed of rocks and just lay on them for a while. Soon you’ll realize that laying on rocks is way more painful and sad than your back pain was – healed!

2. For Reducing Inflammation – Inflammation (aka bloating) is often very noticeable on the face – rings around the eyes, puffy cheeks, etc. To mitigate this with rocks, you need three things: a football helmet, trusted friend, and (yeah, you guessed it!) rocks.

After completing the Inflammation Mitigation Triad (™ pending), find a nice open field to stand in. Next, have your friend throw the rocks at every part of your body, from the neck down – using the football helmet as protection for your already horribly inflamed face.

Afterwards, the rest of your body will be more swollen and inflamed than your face! #selfcarethatgetsresults

3. For Warding Off Anxiety – Rocks are a great way to extricate the tumultuous dread of daily life! 

Rocks are a great way to extricate the tumultuous dread of daily life! #selfcare Click To Tweet

And super simple to do!

First, find a rock – any rock will do, but preferably one that will fit in your hand. Then, channel all of your anxieties and worries directly into the rock. (Note: if you have a hard time doing this, try naming the rock first. Use a name of someone who tends to cause you anxiety. Trust us, this is a completely normal – totally healthy thing to do)

After you’ve chosen and named your rock, go to a nearby body of water (if no water nearby, use your bathtub or a large bowl). Throw your rock as hard as you can into the water – utter profanity as an added bonus!

Feel better? We knew you would!

Pro Tip: If feeling some residual shame from angrily throwing your pet rock into water, try apologizing to the water, as well as the rock. This should close the loop on any lingering anxiety you have afterward.  

how not to use rocks for self care

While the benefits of using rocks for self care are bountiful; it should be noted that the “more is better” principle does not always apply to them – as you will clearly see in the video below:

Contrary to what some “experts” may suggest – this is not proper self care, and can actually do more harm than good.


the review

Rocks rock. 

#rocksrock Click To Tweet

Rocks are a dynamic, organic (and affordable), and easy-to-use self care product. We highly encourage you to incorporate rocks into your self care regimen.



freemium version available anywhere with an “outside”

ease of use


rocks may be “hard,” but they sure are easy to use!



try and change our mind on this one

FAQ about rocks as self care products

Can I use any rock for self care?

Yes; however, certain rocks are optimal for different applications. Determine your goals before picking up any old rock to use as a self care tool.

Where can I find rocks to use for self care?

You can find rocks just about anywhere – look outside! If you want to self care like a pro,  go to a specialty rock store or aggregates quarry.

Are rocks vegan?

Yes! They are also gluten free and non-GMO. Some have been tested on animals, though…but that was a long time ago; before humans understood the concept of moral superiority.

how do you “rock” self care! (get it?!)

Drop a comment below with any rock self care pro tips or questions.