38 New Versions of Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

Everything sounds prettier in French.

In honor of Sir Edmund Spenser – the Forefather of Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

In 1590, Sir Edmund Spenser (pictured below) penned the epic Faerie Queen – the inspiration for what we know today as “Roses are red, Violets are blue…”

While Spenser would probably choke on a fig (I just assume that all Sirs in the 1590’s are in a perpetual state of fig-eating) after hearing the reductive, Hallmarkian ode we know and love (by which I mean feel complete apathy for) today; I feel he would at least be able to celebrate the longevity of his poetic contributions – as well as the iterative love poems spawned by it’s creation.

<— Try and tell me this guy didn’t enjoy a good fig.

In an attempt to further (re: tarnish) Sir Edmund’s assumed-fig-over-consuming legacy, the luvdaily team set out on a mission to give “roses are red, violets are blue” another refresh – several, in fact.

We reached out to poets, comedians, authors, marketers, and friends for multiple perspectives – ranging from the political to the downright obscure.

Read. Enjoy. Show some Love.

Read through these 38 roses are red, violets are blue love poems while enjoying a fig. Also, make sure to follow our contributors on their respective platforms, and leave them some love in the comments or on their social media channels!

And we highly encourage you to share this little article with all your loved ones and greatest enemies – in the name of Sir Edmund!

We have broken these poems into subsections for quick parsing (love is all about efficiency these days):

38 Versions of Roses are red, Violets are Blue – just for you.

Poetically Correct

1. A Political Love Poem

Roses are red

Democrats are blue

Trump’s in the White House

And everything’s untrue

– Lenore Hirsch, author @ Laughing Oak Publications

2. Love is not a Policy Poem

Republicans are red,
Democrats are blue.
It’s unromantic when politics
Influence who loves who.
Dr. Carole Lieberman, M.D.

3. Love who you Love Poem

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Gender’s a spectrum –

I like girls too.

Brittany Brave, NYC-based comedian, actress, and writer @britbrave

Real Talk

4. Commit to this Love Poem

Roses are red,

Violets are blue

Be more than a friend –

so I can call you my boo!

– Vivian Young, Sr. Content Manager @ Comparakeet

5. Stop Swiping Right Love Poem

Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

I’m off Tinder now…

and you better be too!

– Vivian Young, Sr. Content Manager @ Comparakeet

6. Love is (color) Blind Poem

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I was born colorblind,
So I defer to you.
Brittany Brave, NYC-based comedian, actress, and writer @britbrave

7. Stating the Obvious Love Poem

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Those colors make purple,

Which I feel like you knew.

Brittany Brave, NYC-based comedian, actress, and writer @britbrave

8. Take a Long Look at Yourself Love Poem

Roses are flowers,

Blue is a color,

Love is a construct,

Get a grip, maybe.

Brittany Brave, NYC-based comedian, actress, and writer @britbrave

9. The Caveat Love Poem

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
I like everything about you –
except for your poo.
(P.U., but it’s not just you!)
– Christine Sloan Stoddard, founder @ Quail Bell Magazine

10. Intervention Love Poem

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Sugar intake is one of the leading causes of type two diabetes

And this seemed like a good segue to inform you

– luvdaily crew

11. Comparing Love to Death Love Poem

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
All flowers die though –
which is why giving them as a gift is silly.
– Boyd Norwood, Nozzle Corp.

12. Genetically Modified Love Poem

Roses are red

Violets are blue

They are also often genetically modified…

Which we may deem regrettable, as a species, in the distant future

Oh, and…I mean…so are you

– luvdaily crew

13. Opportunity Cost Love Poem

Roses are red,

Sometimes they’re pink

But flowers are expensive

I’d rather buy drinks.

– Colette Killworth, Account Coordinator/Event Manager @ DRIVEN360

14. I got you, babe Love Poem

Roses are red,

Our credit is not.

I don’t need flowers –

paying bills makes you hot.

You are my husband and I am your wife;

we got each other’s back in this working class life.

– Tangela Walker-Craft, founder @ Simply Necessary Inc.

15. Seriously: A Love Poem

Roses are dead
Violets are too
Stop buying me flowers –
Clearly, I cannot keep them alive.
– luvdaily crew

16. Just Get on with it Love Poem

Roses have thorns

Violets do not

Sugar is sweet…

Which seems completely unrelated to the previous thought.

– luvdaily crew

17. Speak Your Truth Love Poem

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Sugar is sweet

And I am not very articulate when it comes to expressing my emotions – frequently deferring to poetry as a defense mechanism.

– luvdaily crew

Breaking Up

18. A harsh truth Love Poem

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I lied when I said,

“It’s me, it’s not you.”

Brittany Brave, NYC-based comedian, actress, and writer @britbrave

19. Veiled Threats Love Poem

Roses are red,

But they don’t set the mood,

Ignore me for weeks

And I’ll send you a nude.

Brittany Brave, NYC-based comedian, actress, and writer @britbrave

20. On A Jet Plane Love Poem

Roses bring joy.

Violets sorrow.

Love me today,

cause I’m leaving tomorrow.

– Adam Cole, jazz musician and author

21. Do Not Go Gentile into this Goodnight Love Poem

Roses are red,
Violets are bluish,
I’d love to date you,
But you’re not Jewish.
– Allen Klein, author and motivational speaker @ Bottom Line

22. I don’t know how to say this Love Poem

Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

Sugar is sweet –

and I think we should see other people.

– luvdaily crew

The Sweet

23. The Wishful Thinking Love Poem

Roses are red,

But also is wine,

And just like merlot,

Men improve with time.

Brittany Brave, NYC-based comedian, actress, and writer @britbrave

24. You are a Love Poem

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue.

Embrace your life Today,

And Be Authentically You!

– Leigh Ann Newman, Owner/Blogger @ Nans Daily Dose of Life

25. Forever Love Poem

Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

I’ll always be loyal

My heart beats for you

Through every season

All life sends our way

I’ll love you each night

and all of our days.

– Dawn Baker, Adoption Counselor @dawnmbaker

26. Love like a Steak Dinner Poem

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I forgot to buy flowers…
But I brought steak for two!
– Erin Parisien, Owner and General BA @ Aroostook Beef

27. You’re a Goldmine Love Poem

Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

If you were a booger

I’d pick you!

– Meghan Maloy Engberg, Super Mom

28. Everything’s Illuminated Love Poem

Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

But all of the colors

look brighter with you.

– Ariel Sabaj, poet and musician

And now for Something Completely Different…

29. What You Said Before You were asked to Leave – The Love Poem

Roses are red

Violets are blue

That felt pretty good…

Was it good for you, too?

– Robert Barrows, founder @ R.M. Barrows, Inc.

30. Adjusting to Reality Love Poem

Roses are blue,
Violets are red,
The color control
on my TV is dead.
– Adam Cole, jazz musician and author

31. Loev Peom

Rosses are red,

Violets are blou.

This poem is falty –

try and guess hou.

– Adam Cole, jazz musician and author

32. Yoda’s Speech Impediment

Red roses are,

Green are Violets.

Yoda’s dyslexic…

which is sad.

Tim Toterhi, founder @ Plotline Leadership

33. A Love Poem by Groot

I am groot.

I am groot.

I am groot.

I am groot.

Tim Toterhi, founder @ Plotline Leadership

34. The Teenage Love Poem

Roses are like…red,

Huh…, Oh yeah, those other things are green, I think.

(checks Google)

I’m mean blue, but that’s like totally racist against smurfs.

(constructs protest sign. Thinks about poem’s origins.)


(gets distracted by cat video.)

Tim Toterhi, founder @ Plotline Leadership

35. That’s so 90’s Love Poem

Mario is red,

Sonic is blue.


I’m stuck back in ’92

– Jordan Baker, co-host of the Worth it or Worthless Podcast

36. I want to Believe Love Poem

Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

I want to believe…

and watch X-Files with you.

Ariel Sabaj, poet and musician

37. A Cyborg’s Love Poem

Roses are flowers.
Violets are flowers.
Sugar is a disaccharide composed of fructose and glucose…
And comparing you to that upsets my central processing unit
– luvdaily crew

38. Your Perception of the World Love Poem

Roses can be blue,

And violets can be, too…

I don’t know why I’m telling you any of this…

“And how does that make you feel?”

Asked my therapist.

– luvdaily crew

How do you think Sir Edmund would feel about this?

We hope you enjoyed these lovely (and unconventional) takes of “roses are red, violets are blue.” Also, a HUGE thank you to all of our contributors. To those reading this: please, please, please let these lovely humans know that you appreciated their words with a follow on social media – or leave a note in the comments section below.

Additionally, we encourage you to submit your own version of “roses are red, violets are blue” in the comments.

And lastly, we must give thanks to the inspiration for all of this -Sir Edmund “Fig-licious” Spenser. May (a highly derivative version of) your legacy continue – for many decades to come.

How to Discover the Love All Around You

Is this love that I’m feelin’?

Love is everywhere, if you take the time to notice. It’s in the birds. It’s in the trees. It’s in the bees. It is in the venom of those bees, as they sting your friend shortly after he bragged about how good his aim was with a baseball…and attempted to prove it. It is even in the Epi-pen you have to thrust into your friend’s chest cavity, and in the oatmeal bath he takes post-thrust.

Yes, love is truly all around you.

But how do you tell love from obsession, or a hobby, or food you really like? Well, that’s why you’re here, right?

Make a Sweeping Proclamation – and Commit!

The first trick in understanding love: is to swear off love completely.

The first trick in understanding love: is to swear off love completely. #facts Click To Tweet

You need to make yourself into some sort of hermit.

Ideally, you’d have a castle and a township (at said castle) that’s easily frightened at the mention of your name. Every now and then, you should have a carriage or someone on horseback ride by your estate. As they fumble through the woods (due to a flat wagon wheel or missing horseshoe) you can offhandedly try to help them.

Refine Your Body Language for Better Results

To do this effectively, try communicating with them through a series of high-pitched growls (like a bear that just had it’s foot run over).

Make sure your hands are raised very high up in the air, as to look somewhat menacing. They’ll probably scream – and that’s to be expected.

Afterwards, they run back and tell the rest of the townspeople – getting them all riled up. Then, they usually start singing a song about you (again, this is just part of the process).

Shortly thereafter, the townspeople hang signs around the village – saying things like “$1000 Reward for the Head of Count Derek!” It’s never quite clear how they got the picture…or who was paid to print all the posters…let alone coordinate the distribution process…but…part of love is accepting things we don’t always understand.

Invasion of Privacy

Next, an unassuming (but slightly pretentious) French woman will move into your house and start re-arranging all the possessed furniture in your castle. This is annoying at first; but you begin to see her vision and understand that maybe it was time to get rid of all your haunted band posters.

This is your life for a while.

Now, you may begin to ask yourself, “Is this love?” No, it’s not; but you’re getting pretty close.

Roommates, Honeymooners, or Stockholm Syndrome

Following a series of heavy thunder and lightning storms – where you and the French lady both look out different windows of the castle (while dramatic music plays) – you begin to ask yourself, “Am I so much different than her? Why can’t I enjoy the spontaneity of a coordinated dance with a room full of inanimate objects? Will I ever learn how to love…or read…or get rid of these band posters?”

This is called the “Honeymoon Phase.”

Confront the Ghost of Another’s Past to Exercise Your Own

Enjoy the honeymoon phase of your relationship – it’s doesn’t last long. Pretty soon the French lady’s ex-boyfriend, Bartimus, shows up at your door asking for his favorite shirt back…or if he can stay with you until his dad reactivates his credit cards, or say he wants to kill you.

You feel kind of bad for him, and say he can stay…but just for a few days.

Inevitably, you discover he’s eaten all of your favorite breakfast cereal and decide Bartimus is in serious need of intervention.

Using a delicate approach, you confront him honestly and firmly, as you dangle his body over the edge of a nearby cliff. This part isn’t easy, but is necessary.

After he begs for his life, and promises his dad will pay you back for the breakfast cereal, you both have a good cry. You realize that, maybe, Bartimus isn’t so bad after all.

The two of you go back to the castle and talk all night about how cool all your haunted band posters are, and develop lots of inside jokes about living with a French lady who’s best friend is a sentient candlestick: “What does he even eat?!” you ask, laughing.

Growing Pains

Finally, the French lady decides you’re too immature, and will never change, “You can’t even keep plants alive!” she says, in French (rudely).

You realize that the only thing that French lady ever wanted to do – was change you.

After she leaves, and moves back in with her father, your bond with Bartiums continues to grow – unlike that dead plant next to your bed.

Discovering the Love Which Surrounds You

You and Barty (new nickname) sort through all your possessed furniture – donating most of it to the Haunted Salvation Army thrift store, up the road. You finally take all those old capes to the dry cleaner, and pick up all the ones you forgot you left at the dry cleaners, so many, many years before.

You’re finally be able to look in the mirror, and say to yourself – as it screams at you in terror (possessed mirror): “I am enough.

You’re finally be able to look in the mirror, and say to yourself – as it screams at you in terror (possessed mirror): “I am enough.” #selflove #acceptance Click To Tweet

When you step outside, you begin to notice the birds. You notice the trees. You notice the bees, as they descend upon Barty, with their stings. And you smile to yourself…because, love truly is all around you.

It just takes some time to notice.

daily love note: no.34

Intentions for Everyone (IFE) – Day 5

May you be happy.

May you be open.

May you be loved.

May you be fresh.

May your edges be stretched and formed.

May great attention to detail be paid to you.

May you rise – surrounded by warmth.

May you be golden like the sun.

May you be expedient – efficient.

May you arrive at your intended destination.

May you be uncompromised.

May you be…


May you leave this world unconfused (with minimal acid reflux…).

(recite these intentions in 30 minutes or less!)

daily love note: no.33

Intentions for Everyone (IFE) – Day 4

May you be happy.

May you be open.

May you be loved.

May you be loving.

May you be “looovin’ you-ou, is easy cause you’re beautiful…(do-do-do-do-do-do…*incomprehensible shrieking sound)”.

May you be drunk enough to sing that song at karaoke later.

May you be lovingly receptive to the praise following your performance.

May you utter the phrase, “I love you guys,” to each stranger you meet.

May you radiate loveliness anytime you have to use the bathroom.

May your demeanor be even lovelier tomorrow…when someone recalls the events of the night before.

May you be slightly confused (but…).

May you leave this world unconfused.

(recite these intentions while rifling around your medicine cabinet for aspirin)

daily love note: no.32

Intentions for Everyone (IFE) – Day 3

May you be happy.

May you be open.

May you be loved.

May you be popular.

May you be like popular songs from 1999.

May you be livin’ la vida loca.

May you be an all star – getting your game on.

May you be a genie in a bottle.

(And subsequently, may you be rubbed the right way.)

May you want it that way.

May you “tell me whyeeeeeeeeeee?”

May you wake up every morning (every morning when I wake up).

May you got that kinda lovin that can be so smooth, yeah.

May you take one step left and one step right; one to the front and one to the side. Clap your hand once and clap your hands twice; and if it looks like this then you doing it right.

May you be blue (daba dee daba dye).

May you now have all these songs stuck in your head.

May you leave this world unconfused.

(recite these while wearing your favorite pair of acid wash jeans)

daily love note: no.31

Intentions for Everyone (IFE) – Day 2

May you be happy.

May you be open.

May you be loved.

May you fuel for sustenance – subverting esurience.

May you Google “esurience…” to know if you’re using that word in proper context.

May you frequent the salad bar this week…instead of the candy bar.

May your Big Gulp runneth over with a low-sugar juice or water…or tea.

May you not drop your Big Gulp in the parking lot this time.

May your flatulence take solace in unpopulated areas of your home or office.

May your bathroom breaks be frequent enough to classify as exercise.  

May you pat yourself on the back for a day well-intended.

May you make yourself a big margarita later – you earned it!

May you leave this world unconfused.

(recite these intentions while microwaving your breakfast burrito)

daily love note: no.30

Intentions for Everyone (IFE) – Day 1

May you be happy.

May you be open.

May you be loved.

May you seek fulfillment over instant gratification.

May you forgive yourself if you succumb to the ease of instant gratification.

May you ask yourself “hey, what’s so wrong with instant gratification?”

May you just let it go…because you may be missing the point here…

May you agree that what brings someone instant gratification…could also bring that same someone fulfillment.

May you agree to disagree.

May you stop pretending that you are so high and mighty.

May you do whatever you want, okay. Is that better?

May you feel satisfied with that response and agree to move on.

May you leave this world unconfused.

(Recite these intentions while logged in to your favorite television streaming service)

daily love note: no.26

The Proverbial Marketing Department

A man in a robe sits at an ancient standing desk and begins to ponder:

“Okay, let’s see…I want to talk about growth…but want it to sound simple – something almost anyone can relate to.

Where to start? What is something that grows…? Ummm…


Cabbage is a plant. And it definitely grows…and most people probably know that – it’s relatable.

Okay, what else?

Oh, and it has layers. So, like, there could be something in the proverb about layers and growth. Yeah, that’s good. Write that on the whiteboard.

OH AND, AND, Cabbage can be made into things like soup and other food…so, like, that is something, too!

And ALSO, it is a food on it’s own. There’s like, a….a….an element of ‘hey, man, if you’re just this that’s okay, too, ‘cause you’re healthy and junk.

Man, this is going really well, already.”

Man in robe goes to lunch – comes back distressed; holding drink he didn’t finish yet.

“Okay, so…maybe cabbage was a little too specific. I get it – not everyone likes cabbage. Needs to be more general…hmmmmm.

Well, cabbage is a plant. Maybe that’s something?

*Draws plant on scratch paper – doodles small garden in moment of distraction. Writes the word “plant” underneath doodle in an effort to justify his lack of productivity.

Okay, so…plants, right? Yeah.

A plant can’t grow…unless it’s planted.

It needs to be obvious…but not that obvious. Dig deeper. Dig…Plant. Planting.


*Adds more flowers and small birds to previous distraction doodle. Looks at some ancient scrolls to pass the time – then it hits him. His eyes open wide!!!!


*Throws arms up in the air in moment of clarity.

“You plant seeds! Of course!

So, now, like…you’ve got the seed, okay. And you plant it…and it’s small at first – then big. That could be something.”

*He thinks for a bit longer…

“Telling people to be like something is really popular, nowadays. So…how can someone be like a seed?

Be like a seed…and…grow…

No, too obvious.

Be like THE seed…and fall to the ground.

Okay, falling is good. I’m almost there, I think.

Be like the seed – fall to the ground…and plant yourself. No…

…and soil yourself. Not quite…

Be like the seed: and become a cabbage – with multiple layers…that can also be turned into soup…if you like that sort of thing.

Nailed it!”

Derek was fired from the Proverbial Marketing Department later that day.

Follow-Up Questionnaire:

1. Where do you feel Derek went wrong during his development process?

2. Do you think his productivity was hindered due to an extended lunch break?

3. On a scale of 1 – 10 (1 being “I don’t like it at all” and 10 being “I like it very much”); how would you rate your affinity for cabbage?

4. Would you have given Derek a second chance? If so, why?

daily love note: no.24

Hot Coffee:

a haiku about patience (or lack thereof)

handheld power plant;

persuasive steam settles – slow:

tip. lips. sip…burnt tongue…

How do you avoid burning your tongue?

50 easily achievable new year’s resolutions

Improve your New Year’s Resolution follow-through:
with this comprehensive list of
50 (totally) achievable New Year’s resolutions.

Yes, it’s that time of year again – the bad habits we decided we formed last year have to go. It’s time to form some good ones by leveraging the thing that motivates us most: guilt.

Guilt, as we all know, is the engine of change.

Guilt, as we all know, is the engine of change. #science Click To Tweet

jk. jk. jk.

This year – how about a new approach? Negativity is a tar pit – not a springboard.

50 achievable New Year’s resolutions

In an effort to take your joy quota into surplus; we offer you this thoughtfully-crafted list of easily (and totally) achievable New Year’s resolutions – freeing you from guilt and catapulting you into sustained happiness.

For your convenience, we have broken these 50 resolutions into three main categories:

  1. Enrich Your Life
  2. Form Good Habits
  3. One-and-Done (mostly…)

(Fast forward to the section you are most excited for, or simply scroll on.)

50 Easily Achievable Resolutions for the New Year:

Resolutions to Enrich Your Life

#1. Learn a new word every day.

#2. Tell others you are learning a new word every day so they can ask you, “Hey, what word did you learn today?” – every day.

# 3. Learn a new number every day.

# 4. Go outside more often – or stay inside less (your choice).

# 5. See how long you can go without cleaning out the fridge.

# 6. Pick one day out of the week where you promise to not look in the mirror before you go anywhere – call this day “Self-Reflection” day.

# 7. Use the word “party” to describe the things you don’t like to do – this will lower expectations for actual parties – making them much more satisfying!

Example: “I can’t hang out tonight – I’m having a tax filing party.”

# 8. Host a Tax Filing Party – take a drink any time you satisfy legal compliance!

# 9. Anytime you go out to eat, ask the server if there will be free bread.

# 10. Read more lists of things telling you to do more things.

# 11. Tell a friend to read this list.

# 12. Call your favorite senator once a month – just to remind them you’re thinking of them.

# 13. Call your least favorite senator and pretend like you meant to call your favorite senator when someone picks up.

Enjoy a good laugh after you hang up.

Resolutions to Help Form Good Habits

# 14. Say “thank you” everywhere you go to discover all the places you are welcome.

# 15. Floss before every dentist visit – that way when they ask, “Have you been flossing?” you can say “Yes,” and it’s not a lie.

# 16. Call your parents any time you get selected for jury duty.

# 17. Wear your “—> I’m with stupid” shirt anytime you attend jury duty.

# 18. Look at a vegetable anytime something good happens – creating a more positive association with vegetables.

# 19. Get a jar and label it “dreams.” Put it next to your bed – ensuring you can always reach them.

# 20. Fill “dreams” jar with candy to have sweet dreams.

# 21. Place all the fatty foods in your fridge on the bottom shelf – making them all low fat. So long, guilt!

# 22. If you feel guilty for eating too many sweet dreams or “low fat” foods; lie on the floor to (literally) lower your anxiety (and cholesterol!).

# 23. Clap for yourself anytime you trip or step in gum.

# 24. Subscribe to luvdaily.

Subscribe to luvdaily. #luvdaily #engagingcontent Click To Tweet

# 25. Make it a point to shamelessly promote things more often.

Make it a point to shamelessly promote things more often. #NewYearsResolutions Click To Tweet

# 26. Unsubscribe from luvdaily (then, subscribe again).

# 27. Make it a point to laugh more maniacally at things.

# 28. Finally become the person that says, “I got my hairs cut.” So no one can make you feel foolish – ever again.

Finally become the person that says, “I got my hairs cut.” So no one can make you feel foolish – ever again. #goals Click To Tweet

# 29. Anytime someone holds the elevator open for you, politely ask them where the stairs are.

Do this One Thing – Resolution Complete

# 30 . Schedule all of your dental visits for the year.

# 31. Buy 12 toothbrushes.

# 32. Write a thank you card to your mail carrier.

# 33. Send a thank you email to your email provider.

# 34. Send a note by carrier pigeon – just to see what all the hype is about.

#35. Rid your life of “diggity,” once and for all:

# 35.a. Find all the “diggity” in your life.

# 35.b. Buy some bags.

# 35.c. Listen to the song “No Diggity” – wait for instruction.

# 36. Incorporate the phrase “no diggity” into your daily vernacular.

# 37. Make a commitment to help others extricate their “diggity.”

# 38. Have an existential crisis – just for fun.

# 39. Plan your dream vacation to the DMV.

# 40. Attend a DMV Party.

# 41. Buy a plant and try not to kill it (this time).

# 42. Tell your plant nice things – remind it that your intent is not to kill.

# 43. If you do kill your plant, ask the soil for forgiveness (make sure to hide the body, though).

# 44. Buy less candles.

# 45. Buy a gym membership – consider your work done.

# 46. Become friends with an adult with braces.

# 47. Make something (subjectively) beautiful.

# 48. Love something.

# 49. Let something go.

# 50. If something you let go comes back…tell that something that you think it is maybe a little too co-dependent and should have gotten the hint the first time.

There you have it! These easily achievable New Year’s resolutions are a surefire way to ditch the “diggity” and multiply your soul points into excess. Try one – or try them all.

Which resolution will you try first?!

Tell us about your achievable New Year’s resolutions and how you intend to accomplish them in the comments.