28 february love letters

Steal these 28 February love letters to impress and delight all of your Valentines

February was made for luvdaily! These 28 February love letters are a foray into the world of poetry – a brand new experiment for the luvdaily team. Each week’s theme is based on a different interpretation of love: eros (desire or romantic love), philia (brotherly love – the love of a friend), a series of familiar love poems (several different iterations of the famous “roses are red, violets are blue“), storge (familial love), and philautia (self love).

Embark on this poetic journey with us – and enjoy these 28 February love letters. As always, we encourage you to share these letters with all of your loved ones. And if any Hallmark execs read these…shoot our editors a email – we’re glad to sell out in the spirit of cold-hearted capitalism!

(Love – sorted for convenience and easy parsing. Skip to the section which intrigues you most. Or scroll the old fashioned way.)

Week # 1

week # 1 eros - luvdaily february daily love letters

The first week of February love letters are dedicated to eros – romantic love. Each love letter is inspired by a famous poem (everyone knows that romantic love is the most derivative).

Use these letters to give a voice to your inner-romantic…hopeless or otherwise – you can’t go wrong!

1. I remember you as you were.

i remember you as an autumn day:

swirling gray skylines – dipping into the sway of the trees.

with a voice like the comforts of rustled leaves.

with grace like the stillness of a quiet pond.

it is in these moments – i remember most: that you continue to be.



2. Here I love you.

in the hours of the early morning, i daydream of shorelines – an undecided dance.

back and forth. eclipsing the sand. collecting aggregates. distributing them across the earth.

i close my eyes – picturing the space between each wave…

and smile: here you are.



3. Almost out of the sky.

your waxing moon appears like a sideways, watchful eye.

it hovers between the mountain peaks – safe and radiating.

your speech mimics the breeze.

as you map the distance between conversations, you cycle through each breath.

you create calm like the rest of winter:

the absence of leaves.

nocturnal mountains.

tangible breath.

a waxing moon – a watchful eye through the night.



Week # 2

week # 2 philia - luvdaily february daily love letters

Philia is the second theme of February’s love letters. These letters were inspired by some of the most famous brotherly (and sisterly) love poems ever written – Google the titles and discover that we at luvdaily…are a sham (jk, we’re pretty proud of these ones).

Share these with your bro-bros and girl-bros, bro.

[Insert “bro” pun of choice here]

4. First Place in My Life

you are, in essence,

the composition of love:




5. Nurse’s Song

you play through the light –

thinking nothing of the dark.

everything is still.



6. Mending Wall

you – in your orchard:

settling small stones and bricks –

admiring the pines

(beauty lies among both sides)



7. Opportunity

patiently waiting –

just outside the open door.

what is your answer?



8. Friendship

truth, beauty, goodness –

meeting far beneath the earth.

intertwining roots.

(and this) Love (becomes a world),

(when sharing it with) You.

9. I should not dare to leave my friend

eyes – never closing.

still as frost through the morning.

patient. faithful. here.

Love always,


10. The Friend

atoms swirling thoughts –

imagining all the best,

indefinite friend.



Week # 3

week # 3 familiar love poems - luvdaily february daily love letters. Flowers and letter with hearts.

Earlier this month, we asked a bunch of our friends to write some lovely new renditions of “roses are red, violets are blue,” – we detailed the results of this effort in what may be the most poetic blog post in the history of poetic, collaborative blog posts about “roses are red, violets are blue.”

We stand by that claim. Read these very familiar – yet very different takes on a classic piece of romantic history.

11. Love Poem No. 1

Roses have thorns

Violets do not

Sugar is sweet…

Which seems completely unrelated to the previous thought.



12. Love Poem No. 2

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Sugar is sweet,

And I am not very articulate when it comes to expressing my emotions – frequently

deferring to poetry as a defense mechanism.



13. Love Poem No. 3

Roses are red,

but also is wine

and just like merlot-

you improve over time



14. Love Poem No. 4

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Sugar is sweet,

and saying corny things doesn’t make them any less true.



15. Love Poem No. 5

cheeks get red,

emotions – blue.

even on off days,

there’s no one like you



16. Love Poem No. 6

roses are flowers.  

blue is a color.  

love is a construct…  

get a grip, maybe.



17. Love Poem No. 7

It’s cliche to compare you to sugar –

or the rose.

Or the blueness of violets…or however that goes.

Whatever the combination of flavor or hue:

you continue to be remarkably you.



Week # 4

week # 4 storge - luvdaily february daily love letters

Familial love takes the stage for our fourth week of February love letters. Your mother always says – “You don’t call enough.” Avoid another call by texting/emailing her some of these nice love letters.

18. Motherly Advice

Mountains cradle

Oceans lull

the plains are patient

Mother Nature’s careful,

watch her help you bloom.

again, and again, and again.



19. Understanding

a silent, universal language lingering

in the corners of stifled laughs

and soft glances.

yes, you both have experienced this moment together.

revel in its magic.



20. Mixed Cds

a scrapbook of previous voices

letting you remember when

you carefully planned the storylines they’d tell

to fill the silence as you drove.

dropping them into slots where your mind would go

when you rolled down the windows

coveting the people in your passenger seat

no matter how many miles might come between you.



21. Winter’s Child

warm hands fingerprinting crisp glass.

oscillating breaths –

between clear and opaque.

a calming condensation.

an understanding of balance.



22. Three days after the Supermoon

still. open.

you check in with your tidal child.

patiently. playfully.

casting a soft smile across miles of horizon –

you meld sea into sky.

still. open.



23. Coffee: interrupted.

strands of steam dispel into the hum of central air.

the edges of your cup turn from:



room temperature


clean and cool.

but your conversation is constant –

dispelling into the hum of central air.



24. Shared:

outgrown clothes,

counter space,

bunk beds,


inside jokes,

constructive criticism,


experiences (and more):

curate a life well-shared.

share well.



Week # 5

week # 5 philautia - luvdaily february daily love letters

We end our series of February love letters with the theme of philautia – or self love.

Recite these love letters to yourself in the mirror while blasting your favorite Katy Perry song. Read them silently before a calming (Katy Perry-led) meditation. Read them to Katy Perry…but only if you’re Katy Perry.

Use this last week of love letters to love you like Katy Perry instructs you to love you – which is a lot!

25. Chameleon

in motion: you are a blend of all the primary colors.

at rest: you are monochrome.



26. Laundry Day

give new life to the old.

spin, cycle, warm, and organize.

embrace the imperfections –

the wrinkles and tears and faded patches.

they are indicators of life, worn well.



27. Book

alone – surrounded.

knowledge nourishing neurons

in your sideways tent.



28. Baby Steps

when we’re young, we celebrate our developmental accomplishments:

picking things up, putting them away, sharing–

getting older should be no different:

guilt, resentment, joy, empathy,

acknowledgement, comparison, gratitude

what will you pick up? let go of? share?



We hope you enjoyed these (somewhat derivative) February love letters and encourage you to share them will all the romantics in your life. Want an easy way to do it? Sign up for luvdaily’s daily love letters.

We promise – you won’t regret it!

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