30 April love letters

Use these 30 April love letters to embrace humility, blossom like a wildflower, and learn a valuable life lesson from Mr. T

Spring has sprung – and sprung with it is 30 new love letters, ushering in the season of growth…and anti-histamines. Openness is this month’s theme. Use these letters to understand the values of humility, bloom into your new skin, enhance your ability to speak candidly, and dive into the world of all things magical.

As always, we encourage you to share this new crop of love letters – and hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did writing them!

Week # 1

Everyone loves a fool – for several reasons. The first week of our April love letters centers around the necessity of foolishness and humility – preparing us for hard times and allowing us to learn from the world around us.

1. Re: Corporate Restructuring of luvdaily.co

We regret to inform you that as of today, luvdaily.co has been acquired by a Silicon Valley VC firm – and will be shutting down, temporarily, during a period of corporate restructuring.

Alas, fear not, dear subscriber. The luvdaily team is leaving you in great hands! (for a lot of money…*cough* sellouts *cough*).

We originally purchased luvdaily.co after accidentally assuming it was some kind of odd dating website where you submit your name and email in exchange for companionship with someone from “Canada.”

“Look, my boy/girlfriend just sent me this heartfelt email telling me how lucky I am to be an accountant in Cleveland.”

“Can we meet them?”

“No, they live in Canada.”

After much (very little) research, our experts informed us that luvdaily is not actually that, but rather, a daily affirmation email – encouraging you to be present and grateful for the life you have as an accountant in Cleveland.

Our cold, Silicon Valley A.I.-driven hearts are both confused and threatened by this fact – motivating us to cycle the luvdaily.co model through rigorous R&D to (hopefully) turn a profit on our misinformed investment.

The new luvdaily.co team welcomes your consumer input, and promises a significant discount as we shift to a paid subscription-based service for hopeless romantics in Cleveland.

Kind regards,

luvdaily.co 2.0 Team

p.s. April Fools

2. The Fool’s Heart

the fool’s heart loves like a tripping hazard:

always forward – tumbling. battered.

scratched and broken in many shades…

a heart you hope will never change.



3. How to be a successful prospector

prospector, you are

always digging for value –

through rocks and fool’s gold.

(may your search outweigh your treasures)



4. April Showers

the Spring rain is an interesting thing…

washing heavy flowers

and birds that sing –

through sideways ocean sprays

it brings

the rested earth

to new shades of green.



5. When everything is new…

so are you.


The New.

6. A chance to start again.

every moment is a chance to start again.

begin as many times as you need to –

as many times as you choose to.



7. There’s no exception to the rule.

everybody plays the fool.

the secret is to keep on playing.



Week # 2

April showers bring the flowers…and so does this week of April love letters. Sensible and sweet and pollen-free – pick your favorite to share with someone.

8. Sweet Pea

your color is inherited –

your growth, inspired.

a model Mendelian study

plucked from the wild.



9. Hyacinth

the love that lies

out in the rain

is prone to grow through

constant change.

Love (in all the shades of blue),


10. Redbud

there’s a simple, inherent beauty in a heart worn on its sleeve,

and a willingness to let the world see you blush.



11. Peony

some dreams bloom during the day,

short-lived, but bursting magically – mythically.

celebrate their sweetness.



12. Daffodil

your boldness blooms anew each year –

trumpeting for all the world to hear.

with golden crown in dirt or vase;

an open, smiling, hopeful face.



13. Lilac

you are subdued,

resting easy in rocky terrain.

your hardiness is tested –

but you remain.



14. Lavender (a haiku)

in royal purple;

lending scents to petrichor –

washing into bliss.



Week # 3

The ability to speak candidly is a skill we should all improve. These seven April love letters will help disconnect you from your insecurities, enabling you to understand the value in speaking your mind – all in the spirit of progress.

15. Narratives

to forfeit the narrative self…

is to surrender to experience.

consider that freedom.



16. Open Dialogue

facilitate candor in all of your conversations –

and see how they grow.

the world deserves you unsubdued.



17. Volley

how you volley through conversation is indicative of:

your ability to understand and anticipate


your desire to respond.

(opt for the former.)



18. White Lies

white lies limit the understanding of who you truly are.

speak in full color.

you are capable of such beautiful truth.



19. The Only way to be Original

originality only appears in the presence of sincerity.

be sincere – be original.



20. Key (a haiku)

you speak candidly:

“my door is open for you.”

locks begin to turn.



21. The Empath

empathy is not an attempt to be someone else –

it is to appreciate another’s uniqueness.



Week #4

These April love letters aim to fill your week with a bit of magic. Recite them before engaging in a grueling D&D excursion – or mounting a unicorn.

“Chrysanthemum, awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” *trots off onto rainbow.*

22. Moon Rabbit

allowing yourself to be given wholeheartedly brings out a mark –

an imprint of a gentle reminder of kindness’ grace,

throughout all tides.



23. The Nymph

your restlessness makes you resourceful.

you change shape to reinforce your foundation

and sustain growth –

rooted in the wisdom of your previous selves.



24. A Cornucopia of Fresh Starts

April breeze, the relieved sigh of

seeing the beloved face of a fresh start return –

inhale, exhale – frost and bloom

beautiful and necessary.

dote on these revelations,

warmth will always return to welcoming arms.



25. Aurore and Aimee (a haiku)

butterfly effects

are refining your patience –

growing your goodness.



26. A bit of magic.

magic is how you take care of yourself –  

how you remain well, surrounded by chaos.

be well. be magical, my friend.



27. the Blossom Tree

it is possible to protect the things you love –

with a gentle touch.



28. The Most Incredible Thing

The most incredible thing combines:

honesty with mystery, experience, and grace –

with you as the conduit.


The Incredible You.  

Week # 5

There’s no exception to the rule: you fool and I fool – we all fool. We end our series of April love letters with some very wise words.

29. Quick

the sooner you announce yourself as the fool –

the sooner you are to learn something new.



30. Mr. T

let’s end this month on a light note.

consider this insightful quote from Mr T:

“If you gonna wear the mohawk, you stick with it.

You don’t just be dibby-dabbing.

You make up your mind.”

commit to a life free of dibby-dabbing.



We hope you enjoyed these 30 April love letters

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