31 october love letters

31 october love letters to help make life a little less scary.

conquer your fears with these 31 october love letters

october love letters 2018 – a shift in the seasons, a collection of frights, costume parties, and the hauntings of candy bars past make october a unique month to begin our daily love letter journey; but certainly a fitting one. After all, this is something brand new; something quite challenging and scary to say “yes” to. 

throughout these 31 october love letters, we explore the ability to embrace fear, see it as an essential ally, and understand how it reinforces our life’s journey towards happiness. 

so, say “yes” to fear with us by reading these 31 daily love letters for the month of october!

table of contents (use these links to jump directly to a section that looks interesting to you): 

Experience growth through these seven love letters discussing change.

Week # 1 – Fear of Change

our first week of october love letters covers the topic of change. change is often cited as a prevalent fear for most people. use these love letters to consider the totality of change – allow them to reinvigorate your spirit and push you to take a chance on something new. 

1. Let it Fall

october is here.

with it comes the shifting seasons…

transitioning flavors from pineapple and melon to pumpkin and rich chocolate…

slipping into warm socks and sweaters…

and smelling like bonfires.

the transformation is one that suits you – be you werewolf, witch, or vampire.

embrace the change. eat a s’more. love the richness of it all.

october is here and so are you.


– You

2. Moon Phases

the concept of “change” tends to rank highly among most people’s list of fears.

what most fail to realize, though, is that change is happening all around us…literally, at all times.

take the moon, for example – every night, a different stage.

it is a reminder that we exist in a constant series of changes – from absent to full.

find some peace in the consistency of daily change.

the moon keeps moving, and so will you.



3. Anchors in the ocean.

any day can be a day at sea.

so, don’t forget your anchor.

days at sea are long. choppy. a mix of hot and cold…

and they can often seem endless, like the ocean itself.

so, don’t forget your anchor.

maybe your anchor is someone waiting for you at home.

or, a warm bath and glass of wine.

or, someone waiting for you at home in a warm bath with a glass of wine.

try your best to enjoy the waves…

but don’t forget your anchor.



4. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

human beings crave consistency.

moods, weather, Chipotle orders – consistency.


because deviations from our day-to-day norms tend to throw us off balance and leave us feeling lost.

Dr. Jekyll: “You’re out of sour cream?!” (transforms into Mr. Hyde…)

*flips burrito bowl off the counter and collapses into fetal position on the floor*

alas, being human requires dealing with the complex (an understocked Chipotle, for example).

and the complex is (usually) not so consistent.

but this is how true growth is achieved – loving yourself, even in moments of inconsistency.

take a moment to analyze a day in the life of you. what aspects are consistent?

by recognizing these routines you empower yourself to take more control of inconsistencies, as they occur.

don’t waste a perfectly good burrito bowl. maybe this time is just a chance to try the guac.

i hear it’s pretty good.



5. Count your change. Cash it in.

here you are. the end of another week.  

you made it.  

you made it through a cascade of changes – happening all around you.  

and you did great.  

this weekend, roll that feeling into a change you would like to make. just the thought of it.

one that you can control and settle into.  

much like you do at the end of your week.  

then, on Monday, take the jump.  



6. Gotta make that change, J’amon.

take a left instead of right.

choose ham and swiss instead of turkey club.

walk the stairs.  

skip your favorite song.

sleep on the couch.

and after you do all of that…

look in the mirror.  

who do you see?  

It’s a beautiful thing.



7. Live life in your favorite sweater

surround and saturate yourself in warmth and comfort, today.  

embrace every bit of the things and places you retreat to, and restore yourself.  

when your comfort levels reach their peak…

take a deep breath.

look around you.

anytime you have a cold, anxious, disruptive, or stressful day – remember:

“i can always come back here.”

and “here” can be wherever you choose to be.  



The past can haunt us in ways we don't always understand. Get some clarity with these seven love letters.

Week # 2 – The Past

while the past may be a place we often retreat to; it can also be something we attempt to reject. these seven october love letters help us understand that while the past may be a part of us – it is not what defines us, and is no place anyone should live. 

use these love letters to turn all your ghosts into friendly ones. 

8. Time travel is overrated.

nostalgia is a great vacation.

but it isn’t any place you’d want to live.

short visits reinforce good lessons and fond memories.

but – home is here.

instead of going on nostalgia trips all the time; be thankful for the photograph and enjoy how much further you have come.



9. Yearbooks

need proof of all your progress?

take a look at your haircut in any one of your yearbooks.

you’re welcome.

much like your haircut…

you are a work in progress.

keep progressing.


8th Grade You.

10. Ghostbuster

it is a fallacy to think that ghosts haunt places.

what is there to haunt if there are no people?

these memories, old relationships, tired belief systems…

they reside in ourselves in an effort to tie us to the past.

aimed at halting progress.

how do we extricate ourselves from these spirits?


acknowledge and accept your newness and no ghost can do you harm.



11. Treasure Maps are for Fools

the places we leave often become a benchmark for where we end up.

instead of stamping an “X” on the map; let your exit mark the end of a chapter.

you see, contrary to popular belief, treasure is not buried and left behind…

treasure is discovered.

go forth and discover all you can.



12. People you remember

the people you remember are the people you have truly experienced life with…

because life is best done together.

today, get together.

experience some good life.



13. Things you have forgotten

have you ever wondered why we forget?

forgetting is necessary to life.

information, much like material things, tends to deteriorate over time.

value is lost.  

to forget is to make space for new value.

accept the things you have forgotten by remembering they probably aren’t that important anymore.



14. Separation Anxiety

people are more connected than ever – carrying a pocketful of friends anywhere they go.

It’s pretty incredible when you think about it.

you can reach anyone…at any time.

but with this blessing comes a curse:

we are so vested in our connected world that we refuse to disconnect.

today, take some time to recharge by disconnecting.

logging off with love,


Ease your anxieties with this batch of daily love letters for the month of October.

Week # 3 – Anxiety

stress is an essential part of growth. while our anxieties often seem like they create enemies of our surroundings, having empathy for these fears help us to embrace them and step a little further outside of our comfort zones. 

while the breadth of anxiety can never be understated, we hope these seven october love letters will help quiet your soul in times of worry. 

15. Fight or Flight or Fine

there are no saber-toothed tigers out there.

no need to hunt for your food in a vast jungle.

you do not need to find kindling for fire to keep you warm.

the majority of stress that surrounds you is your own creation.

instead of a battle or an enemy, consider it as a longtime friend.

this kind of stress exists to help you grow.



16. Silence vs. Quiet

there is a big difference between silence and quiet.

silence is intent on keeping things suppressed.  

quiet, on the other hand, is an essential element of peace.

you could argue that there is no silence in quiet because silence is simply waiting to speak.

quiet empowers us to listen.

abandon silence by seeking quiet.

listen and enjoy it.



17. The ocean becomes you

imagine yourself in a bright pink life raft…

in the middle of the ocean.

ten feet above you – you stick out like a sore thumb.

you are separate.

now go higher – 100 feet.

you are a bright pink speck in a sea of blue.

you are separate.

now, look down from outer space…

you have disappeared into the blue.

realize how far it spreads.

realize what you are really a part of.

you are an ocean.

Love (from far above),


18. Cold Coffee

tranquil; no ripples

your edges are clean and dark

do not rush. enjoy.

(with two sugars) Love,


P.S. Don’t forget: there is always the microwave.

19. Warm Milk

tryptophan and cream

gently whispering, “goodnight”

be even. be whole.

With Love,


20. Breakfast Cereal

enriched and complete

fresh, crispy, and not too sweet

your prize is inside


(Part of a Balanced) You.

21. Stress and rest to be your best.

want to know the secret to good rest?

good stress.

stress that you can control.

stress that helps you understand that the world isn’t so scary.

stress that is applied lightly.

stress that peaks and valleys at the proper times.

seek out good stress and condition with care.

then, surrender to rest – knowing that tomorrow you will be even better.



Your future is bright! See why with the help of these love letters.

Week # 4 – The Future

many of us frequently dive down the rabbit hole of “what if?” or “when will…”

this batch of october love letters reminds us that our goals can be tricky desires to tame. 

22. Choose your own adventure

our lives are a compilation of choices.

the carrot or the cupcake?

a night at the bar or unwinding with a good book?

horror movie marathon or binging a good telenovela?

however, we focus too often on the choice of what.

we also have the ability to choose the “how,” the “why,” and the “who.”

this is a superpower.

don’t forget to treat it as such.

with each choice you make, you literally predict a piece of your future.

what an amazing thing to realize.

Choosing wisely with Love,


23. The Fallacy of Pride

pride is a tricky thing to tame.

it is a picture of you – surrounded by the people who have supported you and loved you and embraced you…

cropped to show only your beaming face.  

pride limits satisfaction.

realize the impacts of your accomplishments by recognizing the inputs.

zoom out – revel in the collective joy those accomplishments bring.



24. Changing Seasons

isn’t it interesting that we accept the changing seasons as a constant…

but often fail to realize that our lives have seasons of their own?

jobs are fashionable hats that wear over time or get lost on a windy day.

the places we live become coats that keep us warm until the summer breaks.

friendships are those jeans that make your butt look so good…until they don’t.

live like the seasons (or like you just spilled hot sauce on your favorite jeans) – change.  



25. Goals are a double-edged sword

in life, it is good to have goals.

but we need to understand where the idea of a goal comes from.

a goal, in its simplest form, stems from dissatisfaction – a desire to change.

it is easy to let that dissatisfaction overtake the goal and transform into self-pity.

overcoming this dissatisfaction is a necessary part of the achievement process.

treat it as such and you will be much more successful.



26. Lost in space

life can feel a lot like the vastness of space:

dark. cold. empty. absent of direction.

seems pretty bleak, yeah?

consider this, though…

being lost in space is to be (literally) floating alongside the elements of creation.

the source of all light.

at an elemental level, you are all of these things.

how beautiful, then, are your possibilities?

anytime you find yourself floating in a sea of dark…

understand that you are a source of light.

a source of creation.



27. A bit of history repeating

remember, there are two main purposes for repetition in life:

  1. permanence
  2. Improvement

growth is dependent upon how they are applied.



28. The Future in the Mirror

a mirror is the only place where you can find the future behind you.

check your hair every once in a while.


turn around.    



Doubt is the final topic of our 31  October love letters. They'll help you cultivate your confidence and gain humility.

Week # 5 – Doubt

we finish out our october daily love letters with the topic of doubt. use these love letters to understand that doubt is a byproduct of comparison – a false assumption that we are not capable of and/or deserving of happiness. 

29. Green with Envy

the grass is always greener

when it’s treated in Valencia

and beautifully manicured.

but don’t forget that every garden has had weeds

at some point or another.

remember to water, feed, and keep track of small progress.

solid ground still needs tended to.

take pride in the things you’ve planted and watched bloom.



30. Clouds

a beautiful blend of science and fiction

a balance of light, fluffy, dark and stormy.

it’s ok to shift. Take on ephemeral personas

until you find one that fits.

wander; even it feels like drifting.

you look like a winner to me.

with love,


31. Breathing is Key



sometimes it’s easy to forget the simplest things.

don’t beat yourself up.



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