31 december love letters

31 December Love letters - holiday landscape with the word "december" in white; presents and a tree.

31 december love letters to realize the gift of presence this holiday season

we have a present for you! we’re capping off the holiday season with 31 december love letters designed to keep you present. these love letters cover everything from: the miracles of the mundane, acts of service, the controversy surrounding gift cards, and how to enter into the new year with confidence.

use the navigation below to discover all the gifts that keep on giving (these letters are perfect for re-gifting…so, make sure to share your favorite december love letter with a freind):

  1. The Gift of Gratitude
  2. Presents
  3. Service
  4. Treat Yourself
  5. Presence
  6. The Last Love Letter of 2018

Week # 1

While the first week of December love letters is a short one – they transition nicely from last month’s theme.

Use these love letters to realize the gifts of gratitude – embrace all that you have, all that you experience, and everything in between.

1. Saturday

this day is a miracle.  

that is all.  

sustain happiness, my friend.  



2. Fairy Godmothers

sink deep into a wish.

play it over in your mind.

snap your fingers and say it out loud.

get what you want out of life: ask for it.



Week # 2 – Presents

Week two’s December love letters focus on the love language of gifting. These daily reminders reinforce our ability to gift beyond bows and wrapping paper…and gift receipts. Gifting is an action – much like love.

Re-learn how to give.

3. Winter

winter is the same awkward adolescent of spring

just bundled up in a cozier, quieter view.

clever in its ways of gathering loved ones together;

encouraging them to share their own warmth.

be warm today.



4. Hand-me-downs

worn clothes are sometimes the closest we come to having empathy for someone:

a pair of denim – worked to a lighter shade of blue.

sweaters with the lingering air of another’s perfume.

belts with big dents – showing progress…and “gains.”

what experience will you wear or share today?

To Love and Laundry,


5. Gift Cards

gift cards get a bad wrap.

what is more personal than saying to someone:

“You know yourself better than I could ever know you. Use this to be your favorite you.”?

how lovely.

Love (and many pairs of socks),


6. Wrapping Paper

there are many levels of wrapping paper expertise:

the novice – messy edges, loose tape, no ribbon…may have used newspaper as wrapping paper.

the dropper – wrapping paper need not apply: bags only.

the expert – the origami artist; expert ribbon curls, uniform tape cuts (they cut the tape!) – they could make wrapping a horse in a napkin look elegant.

what do they all have in common?

they understand that what matters most is inside.

Love (and-oh-my-god-there-is-glitter-all-over-everything),


7. Bargain Buys

you are less like a coupon…

and more like a BOGO.

you are a Black Friday deal…

wrapped up in a Cyber-Monday discount offer.

you are a shopping cart no one would abandon at checkout.

what a steal.



8. Under the Tree

nostalgia is simply an acknowledgment of our innocence…

and where we think we left it.

it is a clever trick we play.

your innocence is not a photograph of illuminated cardboard boxes…

it is this moment and the next and on into forever.



9. For Just 72 Payments of $9.99

want an “easy button” for your problems?

stop looking for problems.



Week # 3

Acts of service are some of the greatest gifts we can give.

This week’s December daily love letters are all about service. They help you ask yourself: “How do I serve on a daily basis?” “Who do I serve?” and “How can do more to help those in need?”

Read on – and be inspired to answer those questions.

10. Starting Today

ask yourself:

how can I be of service?

what can I do to improve someone’s life today?

make it your mantra.



11. The Car Mechanic, The Car Dealer, and the Customer.

car mechanic: this car needs work.

car dealer: isn’t this car beautiful. so many features!

customer: how much will it cost?

(which will you be today?)



12. Artist in Residence

our time is finite.

in the time you have, do your best to make something beautiful.

make something for more than your own enjoyment.



13. Handmade Gifts

you are valuable:

worth a whole afternoon

spent with paint under fingernails, ink freckles and thinking

outside the lines.

because you are the thought that counts.



14. Barista Basics

create connections steeped in warmth from within.

know when to make the moment right – meeting people where they’re at.

remember names…even if the spelling is questionable.

Love (with two pumps of vanilla, almond milk and cinnamon for Blarbra (sp?!)),


15. Enrique Iglesias

be a hero by embracing your empathy – open yourself up to the realities of others.

this is true service.

this is how the world gets better.

(Jennifer) Love (Hewitt),


16. Sleight of Hand

random acts of kindness are evidence of real magic:

connecting us to where we are – to who we love.

giving us good stories to tell.

make today another good story.



Week # 4

This week’s December love letters are a bit indulgent, we must admit. BUT – in order to care for others, we must first care for ourselves.

Use these love letters to enhance your self-care regimen – to create your best self.

17. Me Time

no apologies

no hesitation

this is for you

no one else



18. Love Languages

lavishness is in the eye of the beholder

spoil yourself in the richness of time

a cheat day

a nice word

a touch of naughtiness

an accomplishment

you deserve it



19. Hot Chocolate

1 tsp. of mindfulness
1 cup of cozy
a dash of mellow
(and ‘mallows)

Good days, like good drinks, should be sipped

Enjoy today



20. Feels Like a Good Day

wake up without the Big Picture

roll out of bed with the details:

the subtle hellos of your own clean hair

the rib hugging send-off of morning carbs

the soundtrack of a routine

the reflection of daily comforts

the Big Picture can meet you for lunch



21. Anything at all.

if you want it – have it.

if you have it…

give it away.

if you gave it away – see if it comes back.

(whatever it is)



22. Survey Says

what’s the number one reason to do something?

because it brings you joy.



23. Making Space

inside your closet lie your previous lives:

the flared jeans that no longer fit

scuffed oxfords kept just in case they work for Halloween or something super specific like that

the scarves from your scarf phase.

it may be tempting to hold onto these previous lives…

because y’know– there might be a day where they work

but it’s also ok to let go of the ones that no longer call to you

make room for the new ones that will excite and flatter you.



Week #5

Use these December love letters to maintain your greatest gift of all – presence. Nothing is more valuable to those you love than your ability to be.

So – be.

24. Quality Time

turning time into quality time requires two simple ingredients:

  1. people (or person) you love.
  2. minds free from distraction.

season with conversation as needed/desired.

make some time for making quality time.  



25. A Plethora of Prosperous Opulence (and other synonyms)

in all ways…

in every direction…

intertwined with the threads of multiple universes…

infinite like an airplane over the ocean…

unlimited as your data plan…

abundance becomes you.  



26. Rollercoaster Days

wherever you’re at on your ride…


ascension always feels slower than a drop.

keep your hands up.



27. Clean House

when disorganized,

even a house full of the most beautiful things…

can seem like a mess.

and that’s okay.  

take time to feng shui.



28. Caged Tiger Syndrome

some habits we form make the world disappear.

we time travel on autopilot to familiar destinations.

we settle on assumptions instead of coming to conclusions.

we walk in comfortable circles – talk in familiar patterns.

today, bring the world back into focus:

walk backwards and brush your teeth with the opposite hand.



29. Delivery Notice

your Now has arrived – and here it is.

enjoy it.



30. Breath (a love poem)

a million strands of kite string – forming tornadoes through a heartbeat:

releases like a whisper – thin; but intentional.

you are a call to listen.

you are a prayer to red blood cells;

a promise of sounder sleep.

a comfortable thunder.

so send up your kites (no matter the weather). lay back. and live among the whispers.



Week # 6 – The Last Love Letter of 2018

This is it folks – the last December love letter and the last love letter of 2018. Ring in the new year with this haiku.

31. The Last Haiku of 2018

New Year’s Eve, a haiku:

vice, vice, vice, vice, vice,

vice, vice, vice, vice, vice, vice, vice,

vice, vice, vice – no guilt.



luvdaily into the New Year and Beyond

We hope you enjoyed these December love letters, and will use them to launch you into the New Year with a purpose.

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