30 november love letters

30 november love letters - reminding us we should be thankful for what we have.

30 november love letters that remind us to be thankful

november love letters 2018 – this month we settle into the gauntlet of the holidays – giving thanks for what we have and eating more than we probably should. 

these 30 november love letters touch on several topics related to gratitude. through a variety of mediums, you will learn: how to accept a compliment, the beauty of individuality, the value of contentedness, and how to get more Instagram likes. <3 <3 <3

table of content(ment)s (skip to the section you are most grateful for):  

  1. Accepting Gratitude
  2. Appreciation
  3. Esteem
  4. Thankfulness
  5. The Act of Giving
love letters for november - accepting gratitude

Week # 1 – Accepting Gratitude

the truth is, accepting gratitude is not always easy. we have a tendency to shirk it off and act as though gratitude is something we don’t deserve. we hope these november love letters will convince you otherwise. 

1. Improv

think about the last time someone complimented you.

how did you react?

we like to think that humility is the rejection of compliments…

but the opposite is true.

just like good improvisation – accepting a compliment is a byproduct of trust.

the ability to say “yes.”

complement your compliments by accepting them.

then, pretend your shoe is a phone.

(it’s a solid bit)



2. Be Ye Taco? Or Ye Burrito? Ye be Delicious

there are two different types of people in this world:

  1. taco people
  2. burrito people

taco people are open – wearing their taco-shaped hearts on their sleeves.

they’re messy.

they are fun…and best with fresh cut limes and margaritas.

they are cheap dates.

they really like tuesdays (and alliteration).

burrito people, on the other hand, hold all the goodness in.

they share a strong connection with whoever holds them.

they are methodical and calculated.

they may all look the same on the outside…but they often surprise you.

any day can be a burrito day for a burrito person.

But – the common denominator?

they both enjoy life with their hands.

(take that however you like)

which one are you?



P.S. some people will argue that there is a third type of person:

quesadilla people.

but that is really just splitting hairs.

3. Body Language

want to know what you really think of yourself?

look in the mirror and say this phrase:

“i am awesome. i deserve love. i have so much love to give.”

now, say it again, and look at your shoulders.

look at your eyebrows.

your lip line.

these are places we like to hide insecurities.

but the truth is, we don’t hide them all that well.

understanding where this tension lives is essential to accepting the awesome person we are.

with love and eye twitches,


4. What a study!

hey, you!

did you know that you are composed of some of the best stuff in the universe?

you did?!

oh, then I guess you don’t need me to tell you that scientists search for your composition on distant planets because they are so enamored by you.

or that your genetic makeup is literally stellar.

or that people dig gigantic holes in the Earth to understand you better.

no, I don’t need to tell you any of that.

since you already know all of that, I’ll just say this:

you’re pretty smart.



5. When taking turns to giving

there is a big difference between taking and accepting.

taking is easy.

it is a black hole slurping in anything within its reach.

accepting, on the other hand, is to be filled by the things and gifts we are given.  

it is done mindfully.

acceptance helps us understand that when we have enough…

it is easy to give back.

optimize your ability to give by understanding from who and what you take…

and from who and what you accept.  



november love letters week 2 - appreciation

Week # 2 – Appreciation

to have an appreciation for all things is to have supreme empathy – translating the world into a beautiful language that you speak fluently. 

these november love letters will show you the importance of investments, help you understand you don’t have to like everything you try, and teach you some French – making you seem more cultured (re: annoying) in various social settings. 

6. Your Savings Account

the funds we keep locked up in our savings accounts are necessary for emergencies.

ways to treat ourselves – vacations, down payments on homes, or a new guitar.

but in a typical savings account, your money will actually lose value.

apply this concept to love.

do you store your love away and save it for an emergency? or ways to treat yourself? Or save it for people you consider more valuable than others…or even yourself? or even just the idea of these people?

love (like your money) grows exponentially when we invest.

what will you invest in today?



7. The Award Ceremony

all award ceremonies have acceptance speeches.

but the acceptance seems to be less about the award, and more about the people who helped achieve it.

accept that no achievement is your own – show gratitude.



8. Like it, Love it, Gotta Have it

quantity says a lot about a interest:

small, medium, or large?

small – you appreciate.

medium – passively passionate.

large – obsessed.

in life, what are your portions for hobbies, work, love, play, education?

take note of the things you nibble and the things you binge.

what leaves you feeling satiated?

what leaves you with a stomach ache?

moderate and eliminate where needed.

keep the Pepto in the medicine cabinet.

with love (and no tummy troubles),


9. Things you don’t like

The fact that you don’t like everything is what makes you an individual.

The ability, though, to have appreciation for everything is what makes your individuality a contribution.



10. Face Off.

a lot of people like to play the game, or proclaim – “if only I could trade lives with x.”

to which most would say:

“well, if you were x, you wouldn’t have y.”


“well, I would trade lives with x if I could have y, too.”

but that isn’t how it works.

your life is a miracle that you wouldn’t trade for the world.  



11. Hipsters

you are resourceful.

you are unique.

you embrace the strange and unconventional.

you listen.

you are savoir-faire.

you know what savoir-faire means.

you are…

sitting in a vegan cat cafe…

eating a tuna sandwich.



12. Bonfires in the Midwest

cold smoke.

a beautiful weight – adding warmth to tight shoulders.

clean breaths in.

a crackle.

elbows close together.

chins to our chests.

surrounded and safe.

erupted and contained.




november love letters week 3 - esteem

Week # 3 – Esteem

how we see ourselves is typically how we see the world. this batch of november love letters will uncover the gratitude we have for who we are and all we stand for. 

additionally, you will learn why you should make yourself a star chart, who your most valuable Instagram follower is, and discover why editing yourself only limits your true potential. 

13. Racing just to finish

true satisfaction is understanding that from beginning to end:

you are here.

finish lines don’t exist.



14. Delete Button

when we take too long to organize our words into the perfect thought…

we limit the impact of what we are really trying to say.

eloquence is eclipsed by honesty.

toss out the thesaurus and practice saying “thank you,” instead.



15. Instagram Likes








16. Spatial Awareness

with whom and what we surround ourselves…

is often a better reflection of who we are than what we find in the mirror.

exercise your peripherals today.

your world is a beautiful place if you take time to notice.



17. A Picture of Dorian Gray

make mistakes.

embrace them as chances you took…

lessons you learned…

and life you lived.

then, make some more.



18. Refrigerator Magnets

you are a collection of doodles – scribes connected to the freest part of your soul.

supported by science and magic (marker); they placate your worry.

they remind you that someone is proud, simply, to know you exist.



19. Gold Stars for Everything

life is not a report card.

it is a celebration.

celebrate today.

you’re here – this is your achievement.



november love letters - week 4 thankfulness

Week # 4 – Thankfulness

these seven november love letters explore opportunities to express gratitude throughout our daily routines. fill your heart to the brim with these daily love letters.

love is low calorie, right?

20. A trip to the grocery store

inundated with colors and smells; you are bewildered by the paradox of choice.


choice is your superpower in times of abundance.

choose what sustains you.

With Love (and Coupons),


21. Preparing the meal

preparation facilitates mindfulness.

mindfulness facilitates gratitude.

gratitude sustains happiness.

prepare mindfully.


You. (and all your gluten-free, non-dairy vegan friends)

22. Setting the table

the ability to serve is a supreme gift:

both given and received.

it is a reminder that you are welcome.



23. Stuffing

may your day be full – today, tomorrow, and all days.



24. Stuffed…

in order to remain satisfied; you must acknowledge your fullness.

you must become familiar with the feeling.  

disregarding it only leads to discomfort.

find comfort in satiety today.

With love (and antacids),


25. Tryptophan

may your eyes grow heavy from a warm conversation.

may your breaths be deep into your stomach.

may your hands rest at your sides.

may your chest be light and filled with laughter.

may your sleep be a gift you do not take for granted.



26. Leftovers

love is not bound by a recommended daily allowance…

it runs over into the next day without exception.

it grows substantially when we take the time to acknowledge it.

it roots deep into the soil and creates a system of sustenance.

take time today to cultivate the love you have.

there is no need to hoard it.



november love letters week 5 - the act of giving

Week # 5 – The act of Giving

we conclude our month of 30 november love letters with the act of giving. 

unconditional giving is the sign of true happiness. these november love letters help you understand the power of giving and its inevitable reciprocity. 

go forth and give: so you may feel so, so, so sustained. 

27. Open hands


high fives,

and catches in the left field…

don’t happen with tight fists.

be receptive – live openly.

Love (and High Fives),


28. Canned Goods

challenge yourself to nourish someone directly from your plate…

instead of with the abundance of your pantry.



29. Even though we ain’t got money…

a life of giving is a life of reciprocity.

give all you can – as often as you can.

you radiate value.



30. Cardboard boxes

the nomadic life…

is for you – constant movement:

delivered. open.

With love (and paid postage and scotch tape),


want to practice some good giving today?

share these love letters with someone you are thankful for! Or, if you want an even greater challenge…share them with someone you’re not thankful for (they’ll probably thank you for it!).

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