daily love note: no.37

The Ocean and the Shoreline

There’s a reason the sea lives within so many song lyrics, poems, pictures, and movies: the ocean is the perfect metaphor for love.

Demonstrating consistency, contrast, turbulence, and patience.

With a soundtrack so serene you wonder why no one has awarded it a Grammy – or at least a writer’s credit.

To love is to be – and the ocean is.

The ocean is love’s most tangible form – a full range of emotions experienced without judgement.

Always showing up.

Surrounding yourself with love is much like the song of the sea.

A wall of white noise – cascading, receding, cresting high, then collapsing. Constant.

So: be. Like the ocean.

daily love note: no.36

Consider this quote today:

“No matter where you go – here you are.”

Focus all your energy on the present, today.

Let that be the practice you sustain – and that which sustains you.

You are here. Embrace it.

daily love note: no.35

Too often I think intentions feel like final pictures drawn with our eyes closed.

We see these crisp, grandiose designs for ourselves; and then find we’ve just created a mass of scribbles.

Disheartened, we’re quick to throw them out.

But while intentions can be good, they’re only the blueprints to tasks that take far more practice to achieve.

Look at your mass of scribbles and see their true form: a fear of starting—and appreciate them, for they are the hard part.

Now you can focus, hone, accomplish…and repeat.

daily love note: no.34

Intentions for Everyone (IFE) – Day 5

May you be happy.

May you be open.

May you be loved.

May you be fresh.

May your edges be stretched and formed.

May great attention to detail be paid to you.

May you rise – surrounded by warmth.

May you be golden like the sun.

May you be expedient – efficient.

May you arrive at your intended destination.

May you be uncompromised.

May you be…


May you leave this world unconfused (with minimal acid reflux…).

(recite these intentions in 30 minutes or less!)

daily love note: no.33

Intentions for Everyone (IFE) – Day 4

May you be happy.

May you be open.

May you be loved.

May you be loving.

May you be “looovin’ you-ou, is easy cause you’re beautiful…(do-do-do-do-do-do…*incomprehensible shrieking sound)”.

May you be drunk enough to sing that song at karaoke later.

May you be lovingly receptive to the praise following your performance.

May you utter the phrase, “I love you guys,” to each stranger you meet.

May you radiate loveliness anytime you have to use the bathroom.

May your demeanor be even lovelier tomorrow…when someone recalls the events of the night before.

May you be slightly confused (but…).

May you leave this world unconfused.

(recite these intentions while rifling around your medicine cabinet for aspirin)

daily love note: no.32

Intentions for Everyone (IFE) – Day 3

May you be happy.

May you be open.

May you be loved.

May you be popular.

May you be like popular songs from 1999.

May you be livin’ la vida loca.

May you be an all star – getting your game on.

May you be a genie in a bottle.

(And subsequently, may you be rubbed the right way.)

May you want it that way.

May you “tell me whyeeeeeeeeeee?”

May you wake up every morning (every morning when I wake up).

May you got that kinda lovin that can be so smooth, yeah.

May you take one step left and one step right; one to the front and one to the side. Clap your hand once and clap your hands twice; and if it looks like this then you doing it right.

May you be blue (daba dee daba dye).

May you now have all these songs stuck in your head.

May you leave this world unconfused.

(recite these while wearing your favorite pair of acid wash jeans)

daily love note: no.31

Intentions for Everyone (IFE) – Day 2

May you be happy.

May you be open.

May you be loved.

May you fuel for sustenance – subverting esurience.

May you Google “esurience…” to know if you’re using that word in proper context.

May you frequent the salad bar this week…instead of the candy bar.

May your Big Gulp runneth over with a low-sugar juice or water…or tea.

May you not drop your Big Gulp in the parking lot this time.

May your flatulence take solace in unpopulated areas of your home or office.

May your bathroom breaks be frequent enough to classify as exercise.  

May you pat yourself on the back for a day well-intended.

May you make yourself a big margarita later – you earned it!

May you leave this world unconfused.

(recite these intentions while microwaving your breakfast burrito)

daily love note: no.30

Intentions for Everyone (IFE) – Day 1

May you be happy.

May you be open.

May you be loved.

May you seek fulfillment over instant gratification.

May you forgive yourself if you succumb to the ease of instant gratification.

May you ask yourself “hey, what’s so wrong with instant gratification?”

May you just let it go…because you may be missing the point here…

May you agree that what brings someone instant gratification…could also bring that same someone fulfillment.

May you agree to disagree.

May you stop pretending that you are so high and mighty.

May you do whatever you want, okay. Is that better?

May you feel satisfied with that response and agree to move on.

May you leave this world unconfused.

(Recite these intentions while logged in to your favorite television streaming service)

daily love note: no.29

To: A Creative

It is not uncommon to see you – staring blankly at the sky…or a tree…or a wall on the side of a crowded street…

Or living in coffee shops – painting blank screens with conscious blinks and distracted clicks – surrounded by your mistakes; collecting them as they fall off your shoulders.

You mold them all into a new tattoo.

Your passion is to please, while not forsaking integrity. Your true love is creation and you create to share. To generate conversation. To say something meaningful – even if it doesn’t always come out sounding the way you thought it would.

Like that dream you had.

You operate in organized chaos – in pen scratches and paper rips. You are a collage of messy reflections that blur together like a still pond.

Underneath, your sea life is a brass band sustained by sacred chords and improvised notes.

Sometimes you are settled into your skin. But mostly…the world is strange to you…mostly because you choose it to be.

It’s more interesting that way.

This is a thank you note: for making the strange world a little more sensible for those who don’t know how to speak it’s language.  

Please continue to make all your beautiful mistakes – they are so colorful. And kind.



daily love note: no.28

The recipe for a mistake:

  • 1 intent
  • 1 action
  • A dash of inexperience.

The recipe for experience:

  • 1 mistake
  • 1 evaluation
  • 1 mistake
  • 1 evaluation
  • A dash of openness

The recipe for success:

  • 1 set of mistakes
  • Fold into a full mixture of experience (stirring constantly).