daily love note: no.20

Whenever I’m feeling insecure…or uncomfortable…

I like to go to a sit-down restaurant by myself.

I ditch my phone at home to avoid retreat into social media, and I challenge myself to be light and engaging throughout the duration of my meal – i.e. not staring at my napkin/plate the entire time.

I daydream as I take stock of my surroundings.

Everything is beautiful, and worth smiling at.

(especially when you don’t have to share the free bread. #bonus)

I also make it a mission to establish some form of substantial conversation. 

The rules are as follows:

  • I am not allowed to throw the daily forecast into the equation.
  • Nor can I make mention of sports teams (not that I pay much attention to them, anyway…).
  • Listen, actively – remaining engaged to the other person’s responses.
  • Conversation must happen without seeming like I am starving for social interaction (again, most are skeptical, I am sure). 

At the end of my meal, I commit to leaving a decent tip, and dish out my most genuine “Thank you.”

Then I go home. 

Every time, and I mean every time – I realize that these are the moments when I am the most secure and comfortable with myself.

The world never seems more welcoming.

It is truly amazing the things you can realize when you strive to keep an honest smile on your face.

So, for anyone out there feeling insecure or uncomfortable – I sincerely hope you will give this a try.

Love, Z.

50 easily achievable new year’s resolutions

Improve your New Year’s Resolution follow-through:
with this comprehensive list of
50 (totally) achievable New Year’s resolutions.

Yes, it’s that time of year again – the bad habits we decided we formed last year have to go. It’s time to form some good ones by leveraging the thing that motivates us most: guilt.

Guilt, as we all know, is the engine of change.

Guilt, as we all know, is the engine of change. #science Click To Tweet

jk. jk. jk.

This year – how about a new approach? Negativity is a tar pit – not a springboard.

50 achievable New Year’s resolutions

In an effort to take your joy quota into surplus; we offer you this thoughtfully-crafted list of easily (and totally) achievable New Year’s resolutions – freeing you from guilt and catapulting you into sustained happiness.

For your convenience, we have broken these 50 resolutions into three main categories:

  1. Enrich Your Life
  2. Form Good Habits
  3. One-and-Done (mostly…)

(Fast forward to the section you are most excited for, or simply scroll on.)

50 Easily Achievable Resolutions for the New Year:

Resolutions to Enrich Your Life

#1. Learn a new word every day.

#2. Tell others you are learning a new word every day so they can ask you, “Hey, what word did you learn today?” – every day.

# 3. Learn a new number every day.

# 4. Go outside more often – or stay inside less (your choice).

# 5. See how long you can go without cleaning out the fridge.

# 6. Pick one day out of the week where you promise to not look in the mirror before you go anywhere – call this day “Self-Reflection” day.

# 7. Use the word “party” to describe the things you don’t like to do – this will lower expectations for actual parties – making them much more satisfying!

Example: “I can’t hang out tonight – I’m having a tax filing party.”

# 8. Host a Tax Filing Party – take a drink any time you satisfy legal compliance!

# 9. Anytime you go out to eat, ask the server if there will be free bread.

# 10. Read more lists of things telling you to do more things.

# 11. Tell a friend to read this list.

# 12. Call your favorite senator once a month – just to remind them you’re thinking of them.

# 13. Call your least favorite senator and pretend like you meant to call your favorite senator when someone picks up.

Enjoy a good laugh after you hang up.

Resolutions to Help Form Good Habits

# 14. Say “thank you” everywhere you go to discover all the places you are welcome.

# 15. Floss before every dentist visit – that way when they ask, “Have you been flossing?” you can say “Yes,” and it’s not a lie.

# 16. Call your parents any time you get selected for jury duty.

# 17. Wear your “—> I’m with stupid” shirt anytime you attend jury duty.

# 18. Look at a vegetable anytime something good happens – creating a more positive association with vegetables.

# 19. Get a jar and label it “dreams.” Put it next to your bed – ensuring you can always reach them.

# 20. Fill “dreams” jar with candy to have sweet dreams.

# 21. Place all the fatty foods in your fridge on the bottom shelf – making them all low fat. So long, guilt!

# 22. If you feel guilty for eating too many sweet dreams or “low fat” foods; lie on the floor to (literally) lower your anxiety (and cholesterol!).

# 23. Clap for yourself anytime you trip or step in gum.

# 24. Subscribe to luvdaily.

Subscribe to luvdaily. #luvdaily #engagingcontent Click To Tweet

# 25. Make it a point to shamelessly promote things more often.

Make it a point to shamelessly promote things more often. #NewYearsResolutions Click To Tweet

# 26. Unsubscribe from luvdaily (then, subscribe again).

# 27. Make it a point to laugh more maniacally at things.

# 28. Finally become the person that says, “I got my hairs cut.” So no one can make you feel foolish – ever again.

Finally become the person that says, “I got my hairs cut.” So no one can make you feel foolish – ever again. #goals Click To Tweet

# 29. Anytime someone holds the elevator open for you, politely ask them where the stairs are.

Do this One Thing – Resolution Complete

# 30 . Schedule all of your dental visits for the year.

# 31. Buy 12 toothbrushes.

# 32. Write a thank you card to your mail carrier.

# 33. Send a thank you email to your email provider.

# 34. Send a note by carrier pigeon – just to see what all the hype is about.

#35. Rid your life of “diggity,” once and for all:

# 35.a. Find all the “diggity” in your life.

# 35.b. Buy some bags.

# 35.c. Listen to the song “No Diggity” – wait for instruction.

# 36. Incorporate the phrase “no diggity” into your daily vernacular.

# 37. Make a commitment to help others extricate their “diggity.”

# 38. Have an existential crisis – just for fun.

# 39. Plan your dream vacation to the DMV.

# 40. Attend a DMV Party.

# 41. Buy a plant and try not to kill it (this time).

# 42. Tell your plant nice things – remind it that your intent is not to kill.

# 43. If you do kill your plant, ask the soil for forgiveness (make sure to hide the body, though).

# 44. Buy less candles.

# 45. Buy a gym membership – consider your work done.

# 46. Become friends with an adult with braces.

# 47. Make something (subjectively) beautiful.

# 48. Love something.

# 49. Let something go.

# 50. If something you let go comes back…tell that something that you think it is maybe a little too co-dependent and should have gotten the hint the first time.

There you have it! These easily achievable New Year’s resolutions are a surefire way to ditch the “diggity” and multiply your soul points into excess. Try one – or try them all.

Which resolution will you try first?!

Tell us about your achievable New Year’s resolutions and how you intend to accomplish them in the comments.

daily love note: no.19

It’s kind of amazing to think that in a second – your life can literally change.

And it all starts in your head. (usually)

Once you have that concept actualized…it all comes down to how you choose to deploy it.

We have this habit of engineering boundaries and variables to qualify change.

But we made them up…in our minds.

If we can build up giant walls preventing us from accomplishing the things we want to do – with our minds – then why can’t we use that same super power to tear those walls down with a herring?

We can – and we should.

The new you is literally moments away – whenever you choose.

daily love note: no.18

January 2nd:

Maybe it’s a diet.

Maybe you are breaking a bad habit.

Maybe you are trying to be more decisive.

Whatever your goals are:

Make sure they come from a place of love – free from guilt.

Love for yourself.

Love for others.

Love for the world.

Love for the mistakes you have made.

Love for the things you cannot change.

Happy new you.

daily love note: no.17

Happy New Year! From luvdaily.

As we ring in the new year, I thought it would be nice to include some resolutions I have made in the past.

Hopefully, this list will inspire you and motivate you to make your own list of resolutions.

A list of Resolutions from 2014

1. Laugh at more stuff.

1a. Haha!

1b. Lol

2. Good job.

3. Find a wall I don’t like – to shake fist at.

3a. If ever go to wall, and is knocked down, or gone; training…complete.

3b. Find more things I don’t like. (see #3)

4. Begin fundraising for Parrot vs. Flying food research/sit-com idea. (Nobel prize?)

4a. Get parrot named “Carl.”

4b. Teach Carl to talk, so can become friends/play practical jokes on each other.

4b1/2. Make sure not to talk politics/bird cage hygiene with Carl, as he takes things too personally sometimes.

4c. Get Gorilla. Name him “Chim-Chams.”

4d. Teach Chim-Chams sign language, so can signal when to throw pieces of food at Carl, without Carl knowing what’s coming. Unexpectedly, knocking him unconscious. (See #4b)

4e. Make sure not to kill/severely injure Carl in early tests (practical jokes)…only, hilariously, knock unconscious.

5. Invent “Cobarflanket.” (The Coat Scarf Blanket) Will essentially be longer coat, with scarf attachment, that is only worn indoors, and comes in “stylish” (fuchsia) camo, or tropical fish design.

5a. Market “Cobarflanket” specifically to uncles named “Gayle,” and shaved cats that appreciate irony.

6. Begin filming documentary on hazards of choking, titled: “I’m not Sorry I Threw That In Your Mouth…While You Were Sleeping in That Chair.”

6a. (Second Nobel Prize?)

7. Begin my craft cocktail idea pitch to Outback Steakhouse, for their 2014 drink menu. Potential cocktail names: “The Didgeri-‘Zach’adoo Shortini,” “The Jumbo I’m Such a Samantha-Rita From Down Under,” and the “Wallaby Failing a Sobriety Test After Drinking This-osmopolitan.”

8. Get really good at sword fighting.

8a. Make sure to get invited to lots of pirate themed parties.

8b. Throw, exclusively, pirate themed parties. Make sure to include part about “sword fighting contest.”

9. Watch the “magic” happen.

10. Figure out when to watch for magic “happening,” and make sure to know difference between what I call “magic,”and what others call “magic” (hitting me in the eyes/crotch with things).

10a. Don’t cry after “magic” happens…

11. Get a new eye patch. (see #8 or #10)

12. Keep doing handsome things, that make people stare at me.

13. Finish interactive Cap’n Crunch art project. (see #8b)

14. ROFL (#1) (check)

15. Catch up on all the Spanish soap operas I like to translate/reenact for house guests. (see #8, again)

16. Work on my screenplay for new “Latin Disney” meets Sex in The City movie, titled: “¡SABADO!¡CINCO, CINCO, CINCO!” It’s about a cat named “Latimer,” whose best friend is a talking hammer named “Clancy.” Together, they overcome their fear of the ocean…so they can dance with fish, in order for this one girl to not get her hair caught in doors, or something. And everyone is drunk, I think.

17. Pretend to be French, sometimes.

18. Pat self on back for stuff “self” accomplished this year.

19. Disregard #18. Get Swedish massage for stuff self accomplished this year! You earned it! And big margarita! (see #7)

20. Probably do some other stuff.

21. Utter the phrase, “Nailed it!” after I do, virtually, anything, to boost confidence even higher than last year.

22. Definitely do the pirate thing.

23. Have a great year, buddy.

24. Nailed it!

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Tell us in the comments. Or, if you’re looking for ideas, try this list: totally achievable New Year’s resolutions.

Happy New Year!

daily love note: no.16

The wild flow of our lives is a thing of heartbreaking beauty and joy.

– Leo Babauta, Zen Habits

I have been thinking a lot about control, as the end of the year approaches.

In what moments do I find myself surrendering?

Which ones give my hands blisters from clutching the reigns too tightly?

And why is it always reigns? Why can’t it be some kind of backpack leash – you know, like the ones they make children wear. Would control be easier with gloves on?

When I take stock of the things and situations I try to control – I find they are mostly trivial. Control for control’s sake: causing me unnecessary anxiety and frustration.

All born of my own mind.

So, in an effort to mitigate self-made/self-inflicted-child-backpack-leash vexation – my resolution is to sign more peace treaties.

Wave the white flag.

Let the child run wild (unless that child is near a busy street…).

And sink into the chaos – the beautiful flux of transition.



daily love note: no.15

Dear Breath,

Thanks for always being there – even when I don’t notice you…which, admittedly, is a lot of the time.

Thanks for all you do to regulate my heartbeat for things like pregnancy scares and reality t.v. shows…and regular reality.

Thanks for making funny sounds when I snore from drinking too much wine some nights.

(no thanks to the annoying sounds you make when others do it, though)

Thanks for always teaming up with my diaphragm and epiglottis (hiccups) when I eat bread too quickly. Why it is always bread…? Life’s greatest mystery, I call it.  

Thanks for teaching me how to laugh at myself and how to ride a bike without suffocating.

(and being the recovery method for suffocating)

Thanks for supporting me through college, or any time I decide it is a good idea to take the stairs.

All this is to say: you do a lot. I hope I’ll have your support for many years to come.


-A living person

daily love note: no.13

The next time you visit the zoo, take a moment to observe the habits of the tiger (if the tiger is awake, that is…).

As the tiger paces, notice the movement – the circle in which it paces.

It remains constant.

And if you took the tiger out of the cage and put it in a bigger one…the pathway would not change.

This is referred to as “caged tiger syndrome.”

As humans, we are prone to caged tiger syndrome. This is because our brains love consistency.

To achieve, understand, and then expect consistency is to decrease the demand on our brains – reserving energy for more intensive tasks.

Creatures of habit.

But evidence has shown that these routines and habits, while sometimes enhancing our efficiency, can lead to creative atrophy – to mindlessness.

The good news is, unlike the tiger, we have a heightened sense of awareness (or at least we like to think we do…), allowing us to acknowledge these habits (blog about them on our websites) and break from them.

For example, try this simple audit: how do you get dressed every day?

Take note of one thing – just one! And try mixing it up:

Loop your belt a different direction.

Put your shirt on before your pants.

Tie your shoes using a different method – bunny ears vs. tree trunk (or vice versa).

Try to do this at least once a week – your brain will thank you for it.

Free the tiger already.

Like this guy.

daily love note: no.12

The messes we make in our homes are often reflective of the current state of our moods, minds, and daily lives.

That’s what makes cleaning house and rearranging so therapeutic.

This is why feng shui (google this and go, “oh, that word”) is even a thing.

Form and function play pivotal roles in our mind’s ability to process the world around us:

Clean lines directing our eyes through an open space.

Walls with corner pieces that extend towards the ceiling – or hang from it; relaxed.

Lighting that mirrors it’s opposite end.


A clean house is a reminder of where everything goes.

Be mindful of your space – take time to tidy up. To rearrange, if needed.

Even a home full of the most beautiful things can seem like a mess when it is disorganized.

(or if the throw pillows don’t match the couch)

Take stock of what surrounds you on a daily basis – feng shui away.

(you can start here)