daily love note: no.8

Virtual reality is upon us:

Wanderlust with the flick of your thumb.

Access the world’s entire history with the a single click.

Rearrange your face if the lighting was too bright.

Forfeit the lines you wait in.

Filter out negative speech – opting for words of affirmation, instead.

Take mini minute-long vacations and time travels to places you love more than where you currently are.

The great Barry White once said: “…too much of anything

Is not good for you, baby…”

(I Googled that from my 1000-ft pedestal, btw)

Okay, to clarify…he heard someone say that. So, he didn’t really say it…he just repeated what someone else told him.

So, what I am trying to say is: I heard Barry White say something that someone else said (that he later negates in the following lines of the song’s intro…) that too much of anything is not good for you (baby).

As I disassemble the framing device I used to get to this paragraph…I have come to accept that we’re past the point of too much.

Virtual reality is no longer virtual:

It is. And will continue to be.  

While some may outright reject the notion of virtual reality; this form of escapism can lead to a better world – I think. I think.

I think.

If we acknowledge what it is and how it calls to us (baby).

We do this by understanding the power of what we possess and the drug that it can become.

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