daily love note: no.7

The Ballad of the Second Shortest Day of the Year

The second shortest day of the year (SSDOTY) had spent its entire life attempting to best the benchmarks of the day before it – the shortest day of the year (SDOTY).

A few years ago SSDOTY trailed SDOTY by just a handful of seconds.

A valiant effort it thought – keep training for next year.

SSDOTY tried all kinds of different things to outpace the SDOTY:

  • It tried being a Monday.
  • It tried being a Tuesday.
  • It tried being a Wednesday.
  • It never liked being a Thursday (comparison issues with being a Friday – everyone’s favorite day)
  • It tried being a Friday.
  • It tried being a casual Friday.
  • It tried being a Saturday.
  • It tried being a Sunday.

Each year – the results were the same.

Then the SSDOTY had a thought, “If I can’t be the shortest day of the year…maybe I can be something else. Maybe I already am.

And sure enough – it was:

One year, it was the coldest day on record in Clam Falls, MN.

And another year, it was the warmest day on record in Cancun, Mexico.

Both notable somethings to be.   

It was a birthday…for literally millions of people – that was certainly something.

It always outpaced the third shortest day of the year – a day almost no one thought about.

And the SSDOTY consistently beat the longest day of the year’s record for finishing a day – by a long shot.

Also a notable somethings!

Yes, SSDOTY was something, for sure.

And that was really all it needed – to be.

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