daily love note: no.6

The morning routine of a successful armed robber:

Wake up.

Try to remember that weird dream you had where a genie finally granted your wish to have more wishes.

(Write it down in your dream journal – quick!)

Do robber exercises – knee-highs and light yoga.

Pick an outfit: all black, horizontal stripes; hat/no hat. Gloves? Be mindful of the season.

Check the weather.

(Gloves weather)

Brush teeth with organic flouride-free toothpaste you stole from that fancy grocery store.

Then brush with regular toothpaste…because: let’s be real, that organic stuff never leaves you feeling all that clean.

Do your daily affirmations:

May I have all the money in the bag – large bills only.

I will have all your money.

May someone else’s stuff eventually become my stuff.

May people value their lives more than their things.

May every new day be full (of stuff I can steal).

Do 10 mins of “stick-em-ups” in the mirror (using your finger; not actual gun).

Smile at yourself; because, “Hey, look at you go! Remember when you thought you would never be a morning person?!

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