daily love note: no.31

Intentions for Everyone (IFE) – Day 2

May you be happy.

May you be open.

May you be loved.

May you fuel for sustenance – subverting esurience.

May you Google “esurience…” to know if you’re using that word in proper context.

May you frequent the salad bar this week…instead of the candy bar.

May your Big Gulp runneth over with a low-sugar juice or water…or tea.

May you not drop your Big Gulp in the parking lot this time.

May your flatulence take solace in unpopulated areas of your home or office.

May your bathroom breaks be frequent enough to classify as exercise.  

May you pat yourself on the back for a day well-intended.

May you make yourself a big margarita later – you earned it!

May you leave this world unconfused.

(recite these intentions while microwaving your breakfast burrito)

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