daily love note: no.30

Intentions for Everyone (IFE) – Day 1

May you be happy.

May you be open.

May you be loved.

May you seek fulfillment over instant gratification.

May you forgive yourself if you succumb to the ease of instant gratification.

May you ask yourself “hey, what’s so wrong with instant gratification?”

May you just let it go…because you may be missing the point here…

May you agree that what brings someone instant gratification…could also bring that same someone fulfillment.

May you agree to disagree.

May you stop pretending that you are so high and mighty.

May you do whatever you want, okay. Is that better?

May you feel satisfied with that response and agree to move on.

May you leave this world unconfused.

(Recite these intentions while logged in to your favorite television streaming service)

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