daily love note: no.29

To: A Creative

It is not uncommon to see you – staring blankly at the sky…or a tree…or a wall on the side of a crowded street…

Or living in coffee shops – painting blank screens with conscious blinks and distracted clicks – surrounded by your mistakes; collecting them as they fall off your shoulders.

You mold them all into a new tattoo.

Your passion is to please, while not forsaking integrity. Your true love is creation and you create to share. To generate conversation. To say something meaningful – even if it doesn’t always come out sounding the way you thought it would.

Like that dream you had.

You operate in organized chaos – in pen scratches and paper rips. You are a collage of messy reflections that blur together like a still pond.

Underneath, your sea life is a brass band sustained by sacred chords and improvised notes.

Sometimes you are settled into your skin. But mostly…the world is strange to you…mostly because you choose it to be.

It’s more interesting that way.

This is a thank you note: for making the strange world a little more sensible for those who don’t know how to speak it’s language.  

Please continue to make all your beautiful mistakes – they are so colorful. And kind.



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