daily love note: no.27

Making elaborate metaphors in the midst of a creative identity crisis

We all know the feeling of being overwhelmed:

A lump forms in your throat as if it were a cough at the dinner table. We try to power through it, periodically grunting – insisting we’re fine when asked.

It’s a small discomfort, nothing to worry about – we swallow harder, determined to clear the doubt before it becomes disruptive.

Suddenly we’ve lost control, convulsing and patting our chests, trying to smother the internal fire. Something that used to be so effortless as breathing is now impossible. Frustration, panic and embarrassment set in.

We look at our most obvious options, sitting half full, inches from our grasp – but don’t take them – continuing instead to gulp air hoping the issue will resolve itself.

Break Me off A Piece of that Self-Composure Bar

In these moments it’s ok to excuse ourselves. There’s a misconception that taking a break – stepping away from something you love for a moment – needs to end in a sort of epiphany or else be deemed a failure.

Yet, realizing the need to take a beat to compose ourselves and catch our breath in private is just as valuable as tenacity.

Our nature is not defeat.

This does not mean, however, that we can make excuses not to return to the table. Even less so does it mean we should laugh it off entirely.

Negativity forms itself in us like any other bodily function – owning it is important. Defeatism is a dish served bland and we deserve better than that.

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