daily love note: no.26

The Proverbial Marketing Department

A man in a robe sits at an ancient standing desk and begins to ponder:

“Okay, let’s see…I want to talk about growth…but want it to sound simple – something almost anyone can relate to.

Where to start? What is something that grows…? Ummm…


Cabbage is a plant. And it definitely grows…and most people probably know that – it’s relatable.

Okay, what else?

Oh, and it has layers. So, like, there could be something in the proverb about layers and growth. Yeah, that’s good. Write that on the whiteboard.

OH AND, AND, Cabbage can be made into things like soup and other food…so, like, that is something, too!

And ALSO, it is a food on it’s own. There’s like, a….a….an element of ‘hey, man, if you’re just this that’s okay, too, ‘cause you’re healthy and junk.

Man, this is going really well, already.”

Man in robe goes to lunch – comes back distressed; holding drink he didn’t finish yet.

“Okay, so…maybe cabbage was a little too specific. I get it – not everyone likes cabbage. Needs to be more general…hmmmmm.

Well, cabbage is a plant. Maybe that’s something?

*Draws plant on scratch paper – doodles small garden in moment of distraction. Writes the word “plant” underneath doodle in an effort to justify his lack of productivity.

Okay, so…plants, right? Yeah.

A plant can’t grow…unless it’s planted.

It needs to be obvious…but not that obvious. Dig deeper. Dig…Plant. Planting.


*Adds more flowers and small birds to previous distraction doodle. Looks at some ancient scrolls to pass the time – then it hits him. His eyes open wide!!!!


*Throws arms up in the air in moment of clarity.

“You plant seeds! Of course!

So, now, like…you’ve got the seed, okay. And you plant it…and it’s small at first – then big. That could be something.”

*He thinks for a bit longer…

“Telling people to be like something is really popular, nowadays. So…how can someone be like a seed?

Be like a seed…and…grow…

No, too obvious.

Be like THE seed…and fall to the ground.

Okay, falling is good. I’m almost there, I think.

Be like the seed – fall to the ground…and plant yourself. No…

…and soil yourself. Not quite…

Be like the seed: and become a cabbage – with multiple layers…that can also be turned into soup…if you like that sort of thing.

Nailed it!”

Derek was fired from the Proverbial Marketing Department later that day.

Follow-Up Questionnaire:

1. Where do you feel Derek went wrong during his development process?

2. Do you think his productivity was hindered due to an extended lunch break?

3. On a scale of 1 – 10 (1 being “I don’t like it at all” and 10 being “I like it very much”); how would you rate your affinity for cabbage?

4. Would you have given Derek a second chance? If so, why?

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