daily love note: no.25

How to do more of what you already do so well

It takes an incredible amount of time, patience, and energy to form new habits or develop a new skill. To do so, effectively, requires confidence and time-tested dedication.

Want to know a secret?

You already have that: the skills and good habits you already possess.

So, why not start there, yeah? Build on what you already do so well.

Try this simple exercise:

  • Get a piece of paper and a pen and write down everything you think you do on a given day.
  • Next, break each of those tasks, responsibilities, and habits down into number of minutes or hours – estimated, of course (but be honest).
  • Ask yourself: How much time do I spend on what I am already good at? Could it be more?
  • Now, get another piece of paper (or notebook) and carry it with you throughout the day. Anytime you begin a new task, write it down with the time you started it.
  • Finally, compare it with the first list. Were your estimates correct? How much time are you dedicating to the things you enjoy or are already good at?
  • You may want to run this audit a few days in a row to develop the best picture.

From here, you can clearly see what your day looks like, how much time you are spending on things you need to do, how much time you spend on spinning your wheels, and how much time is dedicated to the things you love (or are already good at).

Use this blueprint to engineer short breaks – 5 – 10 mins. During these breaks, retreat to what you already do well, or love to do (in a realistic way…don’t lose your job as a result…).

For example, you could:

  • Learn something new about something you love and incorporate it into your ability.
  • Reach out to others who share your passion.
  • Find exercises and hacks that will improve your existing abilities.
  • Identify and define a milestone you would like to achieve – mapping out the necessary steps to achieve it.

Track your Progress

At the end of a month, or a quarter, run the time audit again.

At the end of a month, run the time audit again and ask these questions:

What is something new I learned about this thing or skill I enjoy (or happen to be good at)?

How could building upon this skill or thing improve other areas of my life?

What is a new skill or habit I could roll this momentum into?

This practice helps us understand and realize our potential. If we can excel at something we’re already good at, why can’t we add something new to the mix and get good at that?

You can – and you will.

Grow confidence in your existing abilities and leverage it to achieve greater heights.

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