daily love note: no.23

While we may not like to admit it – we, as humans, love mistakes.

Mistakes are a reminder that nothing in this world is perfect – that everything in this world is unique; re: vulnerable, flawed, and still figuring it out.

There are two paths to a mistake:

  1. A path of rejection.
  2. A path of refinement.

Rejecting our Mistakes

To reject a mistake is natural: a mistake is what it is, after all – the outcome diverted from intent. We react defensively in these situations; arguing our side of the mistake when it potentially harms the experience of someone around us. We work to justify it or make it separate from our persona.

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Refining our Mistakes

The path of refinement seeks to understand the root cause, on the other hand. While the action or outcome may have disconnected from the original intent, there is an acceptance and desire to understand where the disconnect happened.

In this place, we can forgive ourselves and turn that forgiveness into motivation – improving follow through on our best intentions.

Practice. (make a mistake). Practice. Practice.

Forgiveness isn’t easy, though. Just like refinement, it requires practice.

What mistakes have been the hardest for you to forgive: of yourself and of others?

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