daily love note: no.22

The New Year is our blank slate – a chance to start all over. We make resolutions, set intentions, and define new goals – sometimes for the sake of fulfillment; sometimes for the sake of improvement.

However, most resolutions, best-of-intentions, and finish lines have one common through-line: they are born of negativity.

While we must work to acknowledge the things in life that we don’t like – sometimes they cloud the beauty of the things we do like. They abate the value of our skill sets; leaving us vulnerable to the plight of comparison.

So, as you begin your transformative journey for the year – why not bolster your confidence by continuing the things you are really good at…already?

This is a much more sustainable strategy – and one that will help you build momentum to conquer the negatives in your life.

And that thing you love to do: chances are…you’ll get even better at it.

What will your positive focus be this year?

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