daily love note: no.20

Whenever I’m feeling insecure…or uncomfortable…

I like to go to a sit-down restaurant by myself.

I ditch my phone at home to avoid retreat into social media, and I challenge myself to be light and engaging throughout the duration of my meal – i.e. not staring at my napkin/plate the entire time.

I daydream as I take stock of my surroundings.

Everything is beautiful, and worth smiling at.

(especially when you don’t have to share the free bread. #bonus)

I also make it a mission to establish some form of substantial conversation. 

The rules are as follows:

  • I am not allowed to throw the daily forecast into the equation.
  • Nor can I make mention of sports teams (not that I pay much attention to them, anyway…).
  • Listen, actively – remaining engaged to the other person’s responses.
  • Conversation must happen without seeming like I am starving for social interaction (again, most are skeptical, I am sure). 

At the end of my meal, I commit to leaving a decent tip, and dish out my most genuine “Thank you.”

Then I go home. 

Every time, and I mean every time – I realize that these are the moments when I am the most secure and comfortable with myself.

The world never seems more welcoming.

It is truly amazing the things you can realize when you strive to keep an honest smile on your face.

So, for anyone out there feeling insecure or uncomfortable – I sincerely hope you will give this a try.

Love, Z.

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