daily love note: no.4

When was the last time you shared something with someone?

And not out of obligation:

There is only so much of this and I have some and you don’t so I will share to not look selfish.

The kind of sharing you do to advocate for something. 

What was your motivation to share?

The old adage states that “sharing is caring.” Caring is nice. That’s a good motivation.

But advocates oftentimes have agendas. 

Why do we share?

We share because we want others to understand our experience…and typically, we share when we believe sharing will lead to a shared experience – empathy.

That is why we get defensive when people don’t like the things we like – it conflicts with our view of the world.

So, while sharing is caring…in order to truly be caring, we must first have empathy for the people we share with.

We must acknowledge their perspective – making them much more likely to want to understand our own.

That is nice.

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