daily love note: no.3

I love the calm of winter.

(Maybe it’s an evolutionary thing? Slowing down – eating more. Hibernating.)

Winter feels like a deep breath.

One you take in with a clean palate – surrounded by crisp blankets of insulation. 

The acoustics add a nice touch of presence.

Breath work becomes the clothes we wear: hats and scarves and big jackets that make our heavy breathing more noticeable; more audible; visible.

Take some time to consider your breath today.

Take deep breaths before you eat (and eat more).

Take deep breaths before you sleep. 

Take a deep breath right now (unless you’re drinking something or eating something…I’ll wait). 

Feel good?


Forget the bustle of the holidays.

Leverage the calm of winter to engage your diaphragm – consciously.

Breath is the gift of presence.

Breath is the calm of winter.

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