daily love note: no.2

I have one big problem with patience: it is reliant on an outcome.

This is what makes patience so tricky. It can easily skirt the lines of entitlement if left unchecked.

Like a hopeless romantic orchestrating elaborate deeds of affection to win a lover.

But what if we removed the reigns of expectation?

Did good things just to do them. Not for photo op, good story, or attempt to win someone over.

That changes the game completely. That is the power of contentment.

Patience – expectations = contentment

Contentment gets a bad wrap when it is saddled up next to patience.

We have engineered contentment to be submissive to our circumstances – more akin to a quiet sadness than a quiet heart.

The paradigm needs a shift, though.

This is my hope for you: 

May you be content.

May you let patience rest from so many years of work.

When you leave this world; may you leave it unconfused.

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