50 easily achievable new year’s resolutions

Improve your New Year’s Resolution follow-through:
with this comprehensive list of
50 (totally) achievable New Year’s resolutions.

Yes, it’s that time of year again – the bad habits we decided we formed last year have to go. It’s time to form some good ones by leveraging the thing that motivates us most: guilt.

Guilt, as we all know, is the engine of change.

Guilt, as we all know, is the engine of change. #science Click To Tweet

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This year – how about a new approach? Negativity is a tar pit – not a springboard.

50 achievable New Year’s resolutions

In an effort to take your joy quota into surplus; we offer you this thoughtfully-crafted list of easily (and totally) achievable New Year’s resolutions – freeing you from guilt and catapulting you into sustained happiness.

For your convenience, we have broken these 50 resolutions into three main categories:

  1. Enrich Your Life
  2. Form Good Habits
  3. One-and-Done (mostly…)

(Fast forward to the section you are most excited for, or simply scroll on.)

50 Easily Achievable Resolutions for the New Year:

Resolutions to Enrich Your Life

#1. Learn a new word every day.

#2. Tell others you are learning a new word every day so they can ask you, “Hey, what word did you learn today?” – every day.

# 3. Learn a new number every day.

# 4. Go outside more often – or stay inside less (your choice).

# 5. See how long you can go without cleaning out the fridge.

# 6. Pick one day out of the week where you promise to not look in the mirror before you go anywhere – call this day “Self-Reflection” day.

# 7. Use the word “party” to describe the things you don’t like to do – this will lower expectations for actual parties – making them much more satisfying!

Example: “I can’t hang out tonight – I’m having a tax filing party.”

# 8. Host a Tax Filing Party – take a drink any time you satisfy legal compliance!

# 9. Anytime you go out to eat, ask the server if there will be free bread.

# 10. Read more lists of things telling you to do more things.

# 11. Tell a friend to read this list.

# 12. Call your favorite senator once a month – just to remind them you’re thinking of them.

# 13. Call your least favorite senator and pretend like you meant to call your favorite senator when someone picks up.

Enjoy a good laugh after you hang up.

Resolutions to Help Form Good Habits

# 14. Say “thank you” everywhere you go to discover all the places you are welcome.

# 15. Floss before every dentist visit – that way when they ask, “Have you been flossing?” you can say “Yes,” and it’s not a lie.

# 16. Call your parents any time you get selected for jury duty.

# 17. Wear your “—> I’m with stupid” shirt anytime you attend jury duty.

# 18. Look at a vegetable anytime something good happens – creating a more positive association with vegetables.

# 19. Get a jar and label it “dreams.” Put it next to your bed – ensuring you can always reach them.

# 20. Fill “dreams” jar with candy to have sweet dreams.

# 21. Place all the fatty foods in your fridge on the bottom shelf – making them all low fat. So long, guilt!

# 22. If you feel guilty for eating too many sweet dreams or “low fat” foods; lie on the floor to (literally) lower your anxiety (and cholesterol!).

# 23. Clap for yourself anytime you trip or step in gum.

# 24. Subscribe to luvdaily.

Subscribe to luvdaily. #luvdaily #engagingcontent Click To Tweet

# 25. Make it a point to shamelessly promote things more often.

Make it a point to shamelessly promote things more often. #NewYearsResolutions Click To Tweet

# 26. Unsubscribe from luvdaily (then, subscribe again).

# 27. Make it a point to laugh more maniacally at things.

# 28. Finally become the person that says, “I got my hairs cut.” So no one can make you feel foolish – ever again.

Finally become the person that says, “I got my hairs cut.” So no one can make you feel foolish – ever again. #goals Click To Tweet

# 29. Anytime someone holds the elevator open for you, politely ask them where the stairs are.

Do this One Thing – Resolution Complete

# 30 . Schedule all of your dental visits for the year.

# 31. Buy 12 toothbrushes.

# 32. Write a thank you card to your mail carrier.

# 33. Send a thank you email to your email provider.

# 34. Send a note by carrier pigeon – just to see what all the hype is about.

#35. Rid your life of “diggity,” once and for all:

# 35.a. Find all the “diggity” in your life.

# 35.b. Buy some bags.

# 35.c. Listen to the song “No Diggity” – wait for instruction.

# 36. Incorporate the phrase “no diggity” into your daily vernacular.

# 37. Make a commitment to help others extricate their “diggity.”

# 38. Have an existential crisis – just for fun.

# 39. Plan your dream vacation to the DMV.

# 40. Attend a DMV Party.

# 41. Buy a plant and try not to kill it (this time).

# 42. Tell your plant nice things – remind it that your intent is not to kill.

# 43. If you do kill your plant, ask the soil for forgiveness (make sure to hide the body, though).

# 44. Buy less candles.

# 45. Buy a gym membership – consider your work done.

# 46. Become friends with an adult with braces.

# 47. Make something (subjectively) beautiful.

# 48. Love something.

# 49. Let something go.

# 50. If something you let go comes back…tell that something that you think it is maybe a little too co-dependent and should have gotten the hint the first time.

There you have it! These easily achievable New Year’s resolutions are a surefire way to ditch the “diggity” and multiply your soul points into excess. Try one – or try them all.

Which resolution will you try first?!

Tell us about your achievable New Year’s resolutions and how you intend to accomplish them in the comments.

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  1. Avatar

    NYR: Become as fat as I thought I was when I first thought I was fat in college.


    1. Avatar

      Sounds like you should try the Student Debt Diet. It’s where you eat nothing but loan service invoices – for every meal.

      At first, you think it’s not going to be enough food…then you start getting all the letters from debt collectors – making it much more substantial. #highfiber #selfcare


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